Monday, February 28, 2011

La Nuit Blanche!

It was awesome!

The sale/exhibition on Saturday with the Joailliers du Dimanche was so much fun. The loft studio was sooooo cool and there were tons of people! All the buzz was mostly because upstairs was this huge art and music exhibit going on and many people who visit it, went to see our jewelry, too :)

I was extremely happy to be among all those awesome jewellers and in the company of family and friends. It was also great to be in direct contact with potential customers and for the first time i think i have a clear idea of the people my brand appeals to :) it was so insightful!

On the downside i did not have a sale (boooo!) but as the people who visit weren't prepared to attend a sale, not many of us did sell anything, so i guess it's ok and i think this experience was well worth for itself! The cool thing is that many more local people know my jewelry now :)

I took some photos! It was a bit dark but i think that adds up to the ambient from that night ;) I hope you like them!

My booth! Note to myself: need more light next time!

The loft/studio was so cool and full of curiosities

Amelia is my biggest fan ;) hehehe

Les Joaillers!

An orchestra was playing upstairs! soprano and all

Many cool exhibitions going on upstairs

Thank you so much for all your best wishes and support :)
I hope you have a lovely week :)


  1. Ohh esta super bellisima las fotos Ive, la atmosfera es realemente acogedora! :D



  2. Waooooooooooo! what a stunning space. There's something really romantic + nostalgic about your photos. Totally love them! Your stand also looks amazing my friend. CONGRATULATIONS.

    Pssst... You really should teach a photo course for dummies. You are amazing!

  3. Thank you both Mayi and Guisela!!
    So happy you liked my photos :D

    Mayi, thank you!! i truly don't know much about technique in photography i just happens to love taking photos!!! hehehe but you know what, i think i really should take a course to learn more about what am i doing ;)and maybe then pass on the knowledge!! hehe

  4. That looked like a very fun and lively event, and I did like your table set up, the branch with the necklaces hanging was very nice. And your photography, its so warm and welcoming, I always look forward to your blog posts.

    -Much love Kim and Mr. Gnome

  5. Looks awesome ! I really love your booth :)
    Also your new items are gorgeous, I'm in love with the round buttons earrings - added them to my wishlist ;)

  6. me encanta!! qué ganas de participar en algo así!! tus nuevos diseños son hermosos!!