Sunday, July 1, 2018


Sitting in my dinning room, with a bowl of popcorn on one side and the computer on the other. There's a page open on Twitter, where I'm avidly following along the news about the electoral day in Mexico.

It's been months since the polls are showing Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ahead, by a lot, from everybody else in the race for President, so, right now, in election day, the exit polls are offering nothing new in the prediction that he will win, however, this is more tangible so it feels definitive.

And speaking about feelings, how does it feel? There's a bunch of different feelings in me right now but one of the biggest is that I feel relieved that I didn't get to vote (living in Canada for many many years and not having a valid electoral ID)! Why? because I don't know if I could have chosen any of the candidates or, living with my choice after the results. 

But there's another big part of me that is feeling content. You see, I come from a family where almost everybody cheers for Lopez Obrador, like, with a passion and this guy has been running for prez three times already so they must be joyous. Then, when I think of their joy I also think on the millions of Mexicans that must be feeling the same. Those millions of Mexicans that for maybe all their life hadn't feel like power players in the political game in their country, and boy, what a nice feeling that is.

I know the feeling. Back in 2000 I had the chance to vote on the presidential election in my country, the year Vicente Fox, from the opposition, won the presidency that for almost a century had been in the hands of Mexican ruling party, the PRI. I voted for Vicente Fox, and boy oh boy, I felt powerful when he won. That feeling is what makes me sympathize with the majority of Mexicans today, and I with all honesty, rejoice in your power to bring about a change.

Now, there are a few things I really feel I must say, and maybe this is the part where I'll be raining in the parade of all those who voted for AMLO but i hope that amid all the joy and celebration, there's a place in the heart to see that changes, big changes always sprout from within. And those changes sprout not only from the power to vote and choose our governments but from how we go about with our lives.

Governments aren't filled with gods and saints that would miraculously make us prosper, healthier, richer, safer (even if they were all saints, we all know where that too leads us right?). Yes, we must demand honesty, transparency, hard work, that they make good on their promises and we should demand that they do all they can to make our cities safer, our jobs better paid, our hospitals and schools better staffed and all those things we need to to advance as society. However, we as individuals, as parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, and whatnot, need to demand all those things, honesty, civility, respect, of ourselves first because, let's be honest, we have a long way to go in Mexico. 

So, I don't know where today's decision will lead Mexico, I hope with all my heart that it leads to changes and progress for those whose voices have long been silenced, but one thing I know, today I rise my glass (and popcorn) for the people who put their voices in the ballots and whose voices are now sounding loud and clear, even here, all these thousands of kilometres north.


Monday, January 23, 2017

31 weeks.

One week closer to meeting this baby! 

One of the changes happening in the last couple of weeks is that I'm eating so little and getting so full! Also, no matter if I have dinner at 5pm, the heartburn and reflux is hitting me hard. My stomach must be all squished inside me! The baby must still have lots of room for moving, though, because he's pretty intense, kicking and punching and making the "wave" and overall I think changing positions all the time. I truly wish I could see what's going on in there :D

Good news: I went to the dr on Friday and the results from the glucose blood test came out NEGATIVE! After 3 months of glucose coming up high I was sure I had developed gestational diabetes so I was in shock, happily in shock to know things are OK after all and that I don't have to worry about that. But still, I plan to keep with the healthy, low sugar, low carb diet, just in case and also, because it's better for me and the whole family. Still, I ate a few desserts over the weekend and had white bread toast (homemade bread!) this morning for breakfast, LOL! But it was a sort of celebration, I'm getting back to good things already ;D

Thanks so much for reading this. Have a lovely week!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


30 weeks + 3 days.

I've been so bad documenting the growth of the baby bump, I started to feel a bit sad not to have taken more pics from the earlier weeks. I think the reason I feel like this is because very probably this will be my last pregnancy, I mean, I'm 38 so everything feels like "I need to really enjoy this because maybe I won't experience this again!". 

I always dreamt of having at least 3 kids but of course, once I had one I realize that, as my mom use to say "no es de enchilada otra" which means "is not as easy as making enchiladas"(LOL!). Of course is not as easy, it took me a good five years after Amelia was born to feel like I could do this once more. And it worked great at the end, I've been so happy to have a family of 3 for all this time and being able to put all my attention on my sweet girl. And then when I felt that the right time to have another baby had come, nothing happened for 2 years. I started to think we weren't going to be able to have more kids and suddenly it happened *happiness*

But at the beginning I was skeptic, we had tried for so long that I was feeling all the time like something would happen so I kind of didn't let myself fill with illusion until we were sure things were looking good with the pregnancy and such. So not many things documenting the first trimester and even half the second trimester even when by this time I was feeling confident and finally allowing myself to get really excited about it. 

And then time has gone so fast in the last couple of months! We are close to the final line now, wuuut! So now I'm determined to keep a better track of all that happens and how I feel and how the bump grows, etc. 

I have this app called Baby center, where you see each week's progression and stuff and Amelia is a huge fan, she's checking on it all the time and discovered you can take "bumpies" each week and make a gallery. So it's been a few weeks since she's been documenting the baby bump, asking me to pose for pics or just taking pics of the bump without my notice. Obviously the pics are not the most flattering hahaha but I appreciate so much Amelia's initiative and care. She's just so sweet and interested on everything that's going on. 

Today I took a few self portraits, with my face freshly washed and my hair not looking a total mess so I can share them with you, haha!

I feel I have a huge bump but looking at the pics it kind of looks normal-sized I think! I guess is just how I feel, all clumsy and heavy and can't believe I still have a lot to grow in the next following weeks. I was gaining weight steadily but haven't gained in the last few weeks. Tomorrow I'll see my dr and see what he has to say about it. Definitely eating less than before, I feel like I get so full so fast + as I'm probably dealing with gestational diabetes, I've cut on sugars and reduced carbs so it may be that. Anyway, tomorrow I'll get the results for the blood test checking for diabetes and I'll let you know how that goes. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Illustration by Rachel Levit

30 weeks pregnant.

I'd be nice to feel like the lady in the illustration. She seems to me relaxed and focused, exercising and stuff. It has been different here as I'm feeling particularly tired lately!

It's so weird and funny how the last months of 2016 I was so focused, so energized, so productive and now I feel completely the opposite. I believe is the third trimester of pregnancy hitting me hard and oh boy, can't wait (NOT) to see how it goes in the following weeks with this lack of sleep and feeling so utterly unfocussed and distracted, not to mention tired. 

Anyway, other than that, which is normal (just frustrating anyway), I'm feeling good. i'm having SO much fun with this unborn baby, who is so freaking active and keeps me looking at my belly at all the alien-like movements and making me smile, wondering what the heck is he doing in there.

In other things, I'm starting to feel the nesting instinct kicking in and I just want to give the house a huge cleaning and work on the baby's room and organize his clothes and go buy a stroller and stuff. I was so lucky my neighbour gave us so much clothing and baby things! She had a baby boy less than two years ago so she had all these things that we could use; I am so happy I won't have to buy them, it's so expensive and most get so little use, plus it feels good to reuse instead of buying and buying! now I need to go through all that and organize. We don't have much things from Amelia's baby years save the crib which I need to see if it's still in good condition and buy a new mattress and the carseat which probably has expired already. I saved a lot of blankets which is awesome and also almost all her clothing, unfortunately won't be of much help because probably half of it too girlish (yep, there was a lot of pink and ruffles and little dresses back them with my Amelia) and not many things gender neutral. I think I always felt I would have another girl if I ever became preg again but I was obviously wrong, this boy shook me and now I can't wait to meet him.

And about family, I am amazed by how loving and protecting Amelia already is with the baby bump, she's just SO sweet, so interested in all what's happening, reading pregnancy books with me and checking the Baby Center app. She's so curious, I can't wait to see her with her brother, I wonder how is going to be, but judging by how's she's acting right now, I believe she'll be a great big sister. Fingers crossed!

So now, let's hope that I find a bit of energy somewhere to at least do some stretches like the lady in the illustration.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Goodbye 2016

If anything, this year has been extremely interesting.

Before starting this post, I was ready to call 2016 a lot of bad names but once I started gathering some thoughts about what I was going to include here, I immediately felt it would not do. 

It was easy to lose heart and despair this year: from the heavy heart from all the injustice, war and violence happening in the world to the constant blows of loosing people you often recur to their art for comfort and to that adding the incertitude that the world is in the hands of a few of the craziest people, sometimes it was just too much, wasn't it? It all felt like a constant burden that made it hard to even try to see the beauty of everything else.

But then, there is beauty and more than ever we must find it in the little things that, in truth, are the most important things. The smile of the people we love that sometimes we take for granted. The warmth of my husband's hand, the pure laughter of my daughter, the movements of the baby growing in my womb, the blessing of having a roof over our heads and a place to be together. The gifts nature gives us everyday: a snowfall, the waking of nature in spring, the feel of sunshine in the skin on a summer day, the leaves gently falling during autumn, the winter that comes and makes everything sleepy, giving us the chance to gather and slow down. 

All those things that are so simple, but that are the most important were ever present and I'm so grateful. This doesn't mean I forget that so many people are going through awful times all ove the world and that I need to do my part everyday to help, as a human being. That I need to speak my mind when I see injustice, to extend my hand when I see need, and to care, to never give to disinterest. 

So, thank you 2016, for the blessings and for the blows too because those will make us even stronger to stand for what we need to, everyday. 

Thank you for keeping up with my blog and for your continuous support all this year!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Behind the scenes: 2016 Christmas cards

Oh, how I love paper!

I don't even know when it started but even since I remember I love everything to do with paper. From handwritten letters, to photographs and books and notebooks. Then, I'd start buying / hoarding paper, like, just because its pretty colours or interesting textures or cool patterns. I've tried to craft my way with paper too, from book binding, notebook making, to collages, to pompoms to piñatas, definitely an eclectic mix but it all for my love for paper. It's been years since I keep a drawer unit full of paper (told you, I'm a paper hoarder) and is always the best when I get to use it! 

All this to tell you a story: This summer we spent a week in Nova Scotia, a place that has the effect of filling me with inspiration. This time it was not the exception. One day, Amelia and I visited the Public Library and Amelia got into herself to play in the computers. While I was sitting, defeated in the fact that she wasn't in the mood to check out books with me but just play games, my eye caught the cover of this book that had colourful flowers on it. I lunged to grab it immediately, like a hungry person being offered a box of warm donuts and my, oh my it was love at first sight. I could feel the sparkle coming out of my eyes and heart in that very moment. The book is called From paper to Petal and if you like paper or flowers, gawd, you NEED to see it. After hungrily finishing it all in one afternoon I went straight out to the nearest Omer DeSerres (for those outside Canada, it's a art supply shop)completely set on getting crepe paper and all the supplies I'd need to start making paper flowers. Alas, it was a bit disappointing to find out this shop doesn't carry much interesting stuff for paper flower-making but, hey, what's Etsy and Amazon for, right? I made my first order of crepe paper that same day, eager to receive it and start making!

Once I got all my supplies and made my first flower, I knew I was hooked. I felt like paper had a bigger purpose in life now and that I had found it! Total revelation. Ever since, I've been dedicating a few hours a day to make flowers and beside finding it immensely rewarding, it's also a relaxing and calming activity, which is something that benefits me greatly. 

So, all this to tell you that after starting making these flowers I knew I had to find more ways to put them to use and share them with everybody and the idea of making holiday cards came up. Next, I invite you to see a few photos of the process, from flower making to  photography. I hope you enjoy it!

It was really fun to make all the flowers, practising my -poor- calligraphy skills and do paper cuts for the words. Then the photoshot was great and then the editing and looking forward to the final result after so many weeks of working on this project! Then the graphic design part wasn't going that well (I suck at it) but then I had lots of help when Christen Strang jumped in to save the day and helped me get ready for printing! Thank you so much girl! So as you can see, a long but very cool process.

If you'd like to see more about the finished cards, visit my previous blog post or simply visit my shop! Thank you so much for your support!

New Holiday greeting cards!


I want to share with you a shop update: I just added a small collection of greeting cards for the holidays! I've been working on this project for a couple of months now and couldn't be any more happy about the end result and the process was something that I enjoyed enormously. 

I'm launching three cards, all with a black background and framed by an array of paper flowers, twigs and winter berries in red, white, gold and green and in the center, a simple word in gold hand lettering. The word represent an idea or sentiment about Christmas: The first in JOY, then comes NOËL, for my french speaking costumers and then we have a funny one, MEH, because we all have that special person that just doesn't like Christmas (in my case, my husband!). 

As you can see, I have you covered! 

For more details, click on the images to be directed to the shop. I hope you like them as much as i do!

Coming up, a behind the scenes of the making of the Holiday greeting cards, from the inspiration and process to end result!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Amelia's birthday party!

8 years ago, on a cold November day, the biggest treasure life has given me came into this world. 

Every day I'm amazed to see my Amelia grow, become her own person and fill our days with happiness and I'm so, so grateful for each of those moments. She's my funny, intelligent, determined, caring and loving little girl!

One of her favourite things in the world is cats and we decided to make a cat-themed party to treat her and celebrate her. It was so much fun, from project planning to making, cooking and decorating to see her go wow with every detail! We crafted the crap out of it, mostly used materials we already had (I'm a paper junky and have drawers full of it so it was nice to get to use it and also, reuse some from old projects!). 

Next, a few photos from the party and bellow, the resources from the ideas and inspiration. Look how happy Amelia was :D

Resources and ideas

Cake: I bought the "Ricardo: nos meilleurs gateaux" book and it was totally worth it because the cake was the best cake I have ever made (well, not that I made good cake, to be honest, hardly LOL! but this was good!)! The end cake was an invention of Amelia and I, but we based all the cake and frosting recipes from the book. I wanted to make a part vanilla, part chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, so the colour would go well with the rest of the decorations but Amelia wanted raspberry frosting so we decided to put the raspberry in the middle of the cake. You couldn't see it until we cut it and it was not just a beautiful thing but delicious! And as I made both, chocolate and vanilla cakes, there's was a lot of cake dough left so we made cupcakes too: vanilla with raspberry frosting and chocolate with vanilla frosting. My faves were the chocolate ones, they were scrumptious! 

Cat bunting: Thanks Pinterest for all the great ideas! we found so many cool stuff and inspiration. I based my bunting in this DIY post   by A Subtle Revelry but changed the colours and instead of cutting the cats double and folding/glue them, I made a single sheet face and punched some holes to pass the twine through  I used a glittery silver twine to match the decor and lots of black, white and gold for the faces.

I also made some extra circle bunting with some old circles I had from a craft show decorations from some years ago. it was nice to get to reuse that and it gave the wall a nice, fun touch that complemented the cat bunting perfectly.

Piñata: I follower this tutorial by 100 layer cake-let which was so easy and the piñata came up looking pretty cool! It could have looked better to be honest, but I tried not to put too much effort in it because the plan was of course, to smash it, so the less I felt attached to it, the better! Only thing, it was way to fragile for a bunch of hyped 8 years-olds so it came undone quite fast, lol! So next time, I'll make it sturdier! 

Cake props: I saw this cat party Oh Happy Day throw with these funny props and I knew they were going to be perfect for Amelia as they reflect her sense of humour! They looked amazing, so funny! I added a little bunting with Amelia's name that a pair of cats were holding, to make the came more personalized. 

Favour bags: I got the idea from Bog & Ide. The bags looks super cute and the kids loved them! Plus we made the cat faces folding to parts of paper, like a card, and Amelia wrote a thank you message for her friends on the inside, so it had a nice, personal touch. We filled the bags with fish cookies, chocolate, gummies and a fun little toy.

Invitations: I did not take a photo of them but should have because they were real cute. I painted them myself, little cat faces and then just added the text using Picmonkey

Other decor: The honey comb balls were reused from previous years and I got them from Party A Decor on Etsy!

Food: We got pizza + juice for the kids and we treat the parents with a tacos! It was SO GOOD, honestly. We cooked three different fillings + we had lots of guacamole, warm tortillas, two different types of salsa and a couple of veggie accompaniments. I'm still dreaming of those tacos, I want to make more!

Best thing of all of course, my girl had a great time! Thanks for checking out my blog!