Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ever since we moved to our new place a bit more than a year ago we'd been searching for day cares for our little girl without much success. You see, here, the day cares have ridiculous waiting lists, some of those lists full of people waiting for years. Of course there are ones with places available but usually those are the ones which you just don't feel like leaving your children at.

So, as a owner of my own business and  time, I decided to keep my girl with me and take care of her myself until we got a place in a daycare we wanted.

And that time has come. My little girl had her first day at daycare yesterday and she's very happy. Me? not so much, you see, I miss her. I'm so used to hanging on with her all day every day and although I'm happy I have my time back and she's going to meet new friends and play and learn, I can't help but feel a hole inside me.

You are allowed to call me ridiculous if you will, I kind of know I'm being silly but she's just so fun to hang with plus I keep thinking nobody is going to take care if her as good me. 

But well, see, this is not just her learning and adapting to a new routine, but is a learning experience for me as well. And I need to get myself together and adapt. But for now I just feel a little bit holey.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tea and Kate loveliness.

I don't know if I have told you but Instagram is one of mu favourite things to spend hours at, looking at gorgeous pictures and getting the inspiration flowing by admiring the taste in beautiful things of people around the world.

I'm also very glad that I've got to "meet" fantastic people over there, some of them I had meet already in person due to us being 'instagram friends' and let me tell you, it's not difficult to feel that way as you are looking into the daily life of many people and sharing your own experiences with them.

One of those persons I meet on IG is Kate Bradbury, a lovely woman from the UK, mom of four beautiful kiddos that has an exquisite taste for beautiful things. The photos she shares everyday from her home, her kids and the things she likes are full of inspiration: minimalist style photos splashed with color, happiness and whimsy all around.

She very recently opened a website where she has for sale a ton of whimsical goodness, directly from her I-Love-list. So, I was completely honoured when she told me she wanted to sell my jewelry there!

Please visit her website and blog, you can thank me later!

All images are from Tea and Kate website, click on the images to visit the source! 



Hello there!

Oh how glad I am if you are here reading this post! I've felt so lost in the last few weeks and I really feel like I need to get hold on things and time again!

I've been just so busy with life, shows, family affairs, orders and things like that. It shouldn't be hard to keep up as those are normal things but, for some reason, my mind is all over the place and I feel SLOW. Anyway, I'm here and I'm ready to start updating things around!

One of the main concerns of me lately is that I haven't been able to even edit the photos of my new collection, let alone to list my pretty new jewelles on The Angry Weather shop. I SO WANT TO SHOW YOUUUUU!

But today is the day when I'm start editing and getting things ready. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I'll let you with some of the things I love today. I hope you enjoy this selection, too (click on the images for the source!):

Helpful phrase and beautiful papercut.
I love these cushions by Chocolate Creative.
Mountais...I don't have the source! if anyone knows the photographer, please let me know!
The best advise. 
Atelier L'Echoppe in Montreal. Dreaming of having a work space like that one day! 
Nicola Odermann Photography. I want to travel...
...Specially to Iceland...

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Urban Craft!

Last weekend I had the honor of being part of the vendors at Urban Craft in Ottawa. This was the first time I took The Angry Weather jewellery out of town for a craft show and it was pretty exciting! The venue was really beautiful and the organization of the event pretty amazing, plus I got to hang out with old friends and got to know many, many lovely people! 

Here are some of the photos I took of my table:

 New collection sneak peek, yay!
 My booth! 
 Stud earring extravaganza.
 Pretty necklaces and rings :)
 I use lots of vintage items for my display.
 Husband taking care of business while I took photos :)

And here are some of the things I liked the most from fellow vendors at the fair: 
 Louise Koo's geometric necklaces are pretty amazing.
 Little Bee Toys are super cute.
 Jamine Virani jewelry is beautiful! plus I got to plan exciting things with her, more on that soon! 
 Crown Flora Studio, looove! 
 Delicious Soda from Savoure!
Yummy macaroons from Hearty Bakery: their booth was just behind me, dangerous! 
And the venue, beautiful isn't it?

Thank so much Urban Craft for having me and thanks to all the lovely people that stopped by! 


Monday, June 3, 2013

A great Weekend at Puces POP

Today I feel like I could laid on the couch the whole day long from exhaustion but man, what a great weekend it was! The Spring edition of Puces POP was fantastic: So many lovely costumers and friends visited my booth! It was great to meet and have a little chat with many of my Instagram and Facebook acquaintances, thanks so much for stopping by!! Also it was lovely to see again old costumers and meet so many new ones: Thank you all for your wonderful feedback about my work! 

It was great fun to hang and talk with my awesome and talented fellow vendors, check them out and click on the photos for more info about their work!

The duo at Boris & Doris 
 Lovely Anne-Marie from Atelier B. I got one of her cool belts, yay! I hope to buy one of their dresses soon!
Crystal, Dominic and little Theo, my wonderful booth-neighbours N-Product.

Louise Koo modeling a bookhou bag.
 Arounna from Bookhou is awesomely talented and lovely. I couldn't left her booth without the loveliest Bookhou purse, yay!
 And here's my friend Louise and her beautiful jewelry.
 Yummy! from Preservation Society 
 Lovely details from super cute children's clothes and accessory brand, Les Girouettes. 
 One of my favourites at the fair: Ness Lee Illustrations. Do yourself a favor and check out her work! 
 The work of Jerome Lavoie. I got one of his iphone stands! 
So adorable: La Fee Raille.
 My loveliest, helping me with The Angry Weather booth while I was about taking photos and shopping :)
The loveliest bath and body products by lovely Anne from Dot & Lil.
 Eugenie Bee's Jewellery reminded me of The great Gatsby and she's so stylish and nice!
I fell in love with these planters by Gold Fools. I now regret not having bought one!
 Anabel and her lovely, vintage inspired and whimsical jewellery.
 And here's lovely Olivia and her awesome illustrated products: I'm a fan of her brand which is a life's style altogether: Stay Home Club. I approve! 
And here's my little one sporting a kitty cat badge from Stay Home Club: thanks for the gift Olivia!

And this is just a little something of all the awesome things all around the fair this past weekend. Thanks Tessa, Puces POP and all our lovely visitors for such a nice weekend and thanks to my husband and daughter for their help and support! xx