Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today i love


Via Fine Little Day shop.

Via Melissa de la Fuente Pinterest board, from Studio Violet.
Well, this ain't wallpaper but wall stickers, looks awesome!


I was on the front page of Etsy earlier this morning with my Refuge/Home pendant!
Just wanted to show you the treasury that took me there, it is called Romantic Summer and was created by Alona from Alona Lahav designs. Her jewellery is truly beautiful and inspiring so be sure to visit!

Some examples of the amazing work by Alona Lahav designs:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dr Martens teams up with Sanrio, i wish i was a teen again.

Via Sanrio blog.

Via Sanrio blog.
Via Andrew Bunney blog.

This Dr. Martens are going to be on the market next fall, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sanrio and Dr Martens. The collection will include 5 different styles, ranging from $120-$165 dlls. One of the boots (first picture) features a specially design print which brings together some of the most popular sanrio characters like: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, Chococat and My Melody among others, and this is definitely the one pair i really love :) but, i don't know if a 31 year old mom should be wearing hello kitty shoes?
I would have going nuts over a pair of this babies 15 years ago...I'm so getting old.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A new favourite

Hello friends! i was going through the pages of the blog We Love You So (inside the making of Where the Wild Things Are) and i found treasure! in the form of illustrations by artist Henry McCausland.
His work is fantastic and so enigmatic. You can imagine a hundred other different stories coming on in the same illustration. And you can feel the mood trapped inside the images. I have a new favourite.
Visit his website here and his blog, here.

Beautiful planet

All those millions of liters of oil keep pouring everyday in the gulf of Mexico and the situation is still out of control. We CAN do something! to begin with, we can reduce our oil consumption by changing some of our preferences as consumers and adopting a healthier way of life. Check out this steps to reduce your oil consumption here.
Let's take care of our beautiful and wonderful planet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today I Love

Etsy shops.
This are some of the items i'm about to click "add to cart", well, with the exception of the sleepy yellow dog cushion because that little guy is now mine! i just can't controlled myself any longer, it belongs in my sofa.

Lucha libre alphabet By El Jefe Design.
Oh how i love this poster! I really need it, and it sells out every time they list it like fresh made tortillas!

Hand screen printed Sleepy Dog by Robin & Mould.
This is the guy! my sleepy dog. I actually love everything on that store.

Embroidered pendant necklace by September House.
This is one of the most beautiful pendants i've seen, i adore it. It makes me think of one of my grannies who taught me how to embroider.

Friends of Film, organic cotton zip pouch by Slide Sideways.
This pouch is really cool, so simple and perfect :D
And how cool is the camera illustration? I definitely want it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little House, New listing!

I'm so proud of this little pendant and i'm hope you like it! It's called The Refuge/Home and was inspired by all those places where we feel safe, from any kind of storm, the place where we find calm, tranquility and happiness when we feel overwhelmed, sad, troubled or just a bit tired .I first had the idea of making this pendant when i register to participate on Pin It Forward and i started thinking what home means to me and that's pretty much it, to me home means my refuge and my happy place :)
BTW, stay tuned because on june 21st i'll be posting an entry for the project Pin It Forward, this is a project where Victoria from the blog Sfgirlbybay invited 300 bloggers from around the globe to describe through images what home means to every each and one of us! and i'll be using this new tool from Pinterest to "pin" the images i like from the web. It'll be fun!

Tiny and so pretty :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New listing!

Here are some shots of the new ring i just listed on my shop!
I'm in looove with this ring, it came out so nice and looks so cool, and bold.
When i made rings, they're usually organic-shaped, with soft, round forms and irregular lines, but this time i wanted to do the opposite.
I was inspired by meteorites and craters (and actually i have a lot of sketches for my next projects and most of them have to do with those elements) and even though it would have been easy to go for the organic shape i also wanted to give this ring a industrial feeling. I also made the band adjustable so i'll be easier to fit most sizes!
I'm very happy with the results and i hope you like it too :)

I know it also look like a sieve, which is cool :) hehe

I had so much fun drilling all those holes :)

The inside of my crater ring looks like this picture!! beautiful night sky.

FIFA World Cup travel case

Well, today starts the world cup in South Africa and i wanted to post something about it since i grew up in a family of soccer aficionados and futbol always was a big part of our lives. Well, it still is for my dad and brothers, they're going nuts over futbol today! So this is for them, i miss you guys!

I firs saw thist in one of my new favorite blogs Nao Me Mande Flores (be sure to visit, full of cool and interesting things!):

Image via Highsnobiety.

Of course is logic they weren't going to carry that trophy in any given suitcase, but it surprise me they were such fashion-aficionados!
On June 1st, Louis Vuitton unveiled the case they specially made for the soccer world cup on their historic Asnieres workshop (which opened in 1859) by a single master craftsman.
It "has been meticulously designed to accommodate the celebrated Trophy, which measures 36 cm in height, weighs 6.175 kg and is made of solid 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite." Ooh, fancy...

I hope you all enjoy the images and the world cup (if you like soccer) and wish you the best of lucks to your countries!

Images from here.

Update: I thought the world cup was supposed to start today, but it begins tomorrow :)
So the update is for me :S

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Look at this recipe i just saw at Recipe Look, doesn't it look amazing? i mean, not just the illustration, which is great of course, but the food! i want to cook this tomorrow! (i'll do it right now but is a bit late and i need to get the little one to sleep...
I want to eaaaat!


Today i opened my computer to find a super nice message from Bonnie of the blog Going Home to Roost telling me she had featured my shop on her blog! It was such an amazing surprise :D
Her blog is just awesome, i got to know it today and fell in love with it. Her blog is full of inspirational ideas whether it is for home, nesting, growing food, flowers, nature or for design, DIYs, tips to get your small business going strong, you'll sure always find something very interesting. It's such an honor to be in your blog Bonnie, Thanks!

Some of my favorite images from Going Home to Roost:


Robin's eggs

Week at the beach

Back porch makeover

All images by Going Home to Roost.

I'm so glad my shop is doing so good, but what really makes me happy is to get to know people that love what i do, that fills me with motivation and inspiration :D
I wish you all a happy week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get the look from the movie Alien.

Wow, love this photo of the cast of the movie Alien! look at their clothes!! so awesome...
It is funny though, how they are all looking up as if watching the alien approach or something...so staged but funny.
The android look is the coolest.

Image via Nerd Boyfriend.