Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little House, New listing!

I'm so proud of this little pendant and i'm hope you like it! It's called The Refuge/Home and was inspired by all those places where we feel safe, from any kind of storm, the place where we find calm, tranquility and happiness when we feel overwhelmed, sad, troubled or just a bit tired .I first had the idea of making this pendant when i register to participate on Pin It Forward and i started thinking what home means to me and that's pretty much it, to me home means my refuge and my happy place :)
BTW, stay tuned because on june 21st i'll be posting an entry for the project Pin It Forward, this is a project where Victoria from the blog Sfgirlbybay invited 300 bloggers from around the globe to describe through images what home means to every each and one of us! and i'll be using this new tool from Pinterest to "pin" the images i like from the web. It'll be fun!

Tiny and so pretty :)