Friday, March 4, 2011

Buttons and Ribbon

I've been neglecting my blog so much lately but today I'm back!

This week has been really great because I now have my new collection on the shop and couldn't be happier about your awesome response, comments and hearts, I'm so glad you like it!
I'm still trying to finish a couple more new things and I hope to have them on the shop soon :)

Here is the collection for those who haven't seen it yet:

I wanted to give a vintage, worn out feel to those pieces, so they look even more homey and lovely, like a little treasure you'll find on a thrift store or and old house.
The inspiration behind this pieces is my love for homey objects, specially those who mean special things to me like buttons, which I found so pretty, lovely and I like to collect them and use them every time I can. I thought it'll be awesome to wear a special button all the time that reminds me of those lazy afternoons at home sewing a toy for Amelia or my little keepsake bags which I give to my costumers as a gift.

An then there is the banner, I'm obsessed with banners lately and I love ribbon so much. So that was my interpretation of those objects and my attempt to transform them into a piece of jewelry. I think I succeeded, right? ;)

Oh yeah, the spoon! well, I made this first a long ago as a request from my friend Maribel who, like me, adores food (specially sweet stuff) and cooking and this little spoon represented that part of her personality and likes. I know there are lots like Maribel and I out there, so my Spoon Necklace is for all those foodies!

Please come to The Angry Weather and check the collection in detail! All the items on my new line are ready to ship!

Thank you and have a great weekend!!!


  1. Empecé a ver las fotos y solo me enfoqué en los macarons, QUIEROOOOOO :(

  2. Ah bueno pero que bonito collage de fotos, me gustó mucho eso y las fotos !!!

  3. Jajajajaja que tontilla!! ahorita voy a ir a comer fuera con Amelita y pasaremos por unos macarones en tu honos ;)
    En la tarde me conecto para platicar, te extranio!!!

  4. Esta bien padre la nueva coleccion, me encantaron los botones...yo tambien tengo un algo por los botones!
    Mucho exito Iveth...Besos ♥

  5. Gracias Wera!!! que chido que te gusto lo nuevo y que compartamos el gusto por los botones, jejeje abrazos!

  6. yo también me uno a las del crush por los botones, me encanta la nueva colección y espero pronto consentirme con ese lindo collar!
    felicidades, estoy segura de que todo será un éxito!

  7. the new collection is beautiful iveth. congrats!

  8. hey there! thanks for visiting my blog! I love ur collection :) ur blog is super totally a new follower! adios! :KIM

  9. Iveth -- these are beautiful!!!

  10. Thanks so much! So happy for all your wonderful feedback about my new stuff, yay!!!

    Hugs to all!!

    Kim, thanks so much for following!