Monday, March 14, 2011


Days come and go, we laugh, we dream, we love, we live and most of the time life appears to be a strong, solid thing.

Then, things happen, nature does its thing and suddenly I remember how truly fragile and absolutely precious life is.

I feel very sad for what happened in Japan. The images are so scary, the magnitude of the disaster so big, so many lives lost. People who laughed, who dream, who loved.

I guess that, if something good can be pulled out from tragedy, is the realization of how wonderful life is and how important is to live and enjoy the simplest of things. To enjoy every minute, every day and be thankful to be so fortunate for just being here, today.

I decided to put in good use my Refuge/Home necklace. From now on, every time I sell one of this necklaces, all the proceeds are going to be donated to help others in need. For the moment, I'll donate the money to the Red Cross on its efforts to help the people in Japan.
I'm glad to announce that as I sold one yesterday, our first donation -your first donation- is going to be soon on its way.

Thank you!


  1. Thank you for sharing Iveth. And so generous of you to donate.

  2. Hi Anja! thank you for your lovely words :)