Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi there! How are you? So many days have passed since the last time I say hi :) I hope everything is well with you and that your weekend was great!

I have some photos to share with you from Saturday. I went with my friends to an antique market and we found some very cool stuff, specially jewellery! as the three of us are jewellers that was the thing we cared the most ;) hehehe

Why did I closed my eyes so freaking tight?! Ugh.

Favourite part of the trip: Antique brass rings! Thanks for taking us there Louise!

Silly girls: Marie and Louise.
(Check out their etsy shops here: MarKhed and Louise Koo both are awesome jewellers!)
Thank so much for stopping by! Have a great week!!


  1. de bazar con amigas, qué chido! a mí también me encanta andar curioseando en bazares, pues nunca sabes las cosas increibles que puedes encontrar!
    que tengas una buena semana!!

  2. Si, son maravillosos! fue un dia muy divertido :) Gracias por la visita RosaMaria! Que tengas una semana super chida!

  3. so awesome. I've been thinking about opening that vintage shop on etsy since Sat! I'm excited to meet tomorrow! We still on for lunch?

  4. Yes Marie!!! We'll be waiting for you :D