Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Etsy Road Trip!

Great news keep coming and coming guys! I'm super happy to tell you Etsy is brewing some awesome plans for the summer here in Canada and I am very fortunate to be part of them!

So, the lovely people from Etsy Canada  just got themselves a pretty rad 31-foot vintage AirStream trailer, all Etsy-fied! I can just imagine the awesomeness of that and cannot wait to see it in person. OK, so, on this vintage trailer they are going to hit the road and visit 4 Canadian cities: Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa and of course, Montreal. And when they come to my town, I'll be part of the event alongside my jewellery for all those in town to see, try, buy and enjoy! Honestly I'm so excited and can't wait!

For the events: They are going to stay two days here in Montreal. First day is on August 1st at the Olympic Park as part of the First Fridays events where more than 40 food trucks will be selling their yummy food, it'll be amazing, all that Etsy, all that food! Second stop is on August 2nd at Montreal's Old Port and there you'll find me, Noemia and Kristy Boisvert presenting our work and also you'll find food truck yummies, live performances by Little Scream and Corina Rose and to finish it all: Fireworks! well, those are not sponsored by Etsy but are part of the Feux Loto-Quebec and you'll be able to see them that same night at the old port. How exciting is that?!

I hope you come if you are in town!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Back home

So we are back after a lovely week in Mexico with our family. So happy to have been there, so grateful for the break and the family and love and all the delicious food. But we are back and we are also happy and grateful for being here again.

So many things to do, it's crazy, crazy but I'm absolutely determined to take it EASY as, a week before our vacations I had Bell's Palsy, do you know what that is? something super weird (but surprisingly common, I realize now!) that happens in a nerve that controls face movements and half my face was paralyzed. I was so scared, it was so weird but the doctors were really nice and helped me a lot and explained lots of things. And then in Mexico I talked with my family and lots of people have suffered from that so they helped me a lot to understand. It supposedly happens due to a viral infection that unluckily affects this little tube on the side of your face/neck that carries a nerve inside, so the tube gets swollen and the nerve is all thigh inside so your face goes all weird. But it can also happens because of stress and, hmm, that's me right there.

I'm great now, I feel great and my face is all back to normal but I'm still taking some medicine and well, just trying to get myself to a point of reason and care so I know I can control my stress levels better. Wish  me luck on that :)

Anyway! it was great to go see my family and enjoy Mexico for a bit, that helps a lot! And here are some colorful photos from the trip. I hope you like them and the colours make you as happy as they make me! I came back really inspired, the desert never fails to do that to me :)

Colorful painted eggs, filled with confetti. 
Candy :)
Small pinatas!
Here's my little one admiring pinatas at this atelier we went: it was a very old house FULL of pinatas and the studio where they make them.
Mountains in the north of Mexico like to show off at sunset. 
The desert, the mountains, the sky, the light. I miss that a lot. So happy to behold that sight again.
A mountain pass on our way to the airport.

Thank you for reading this! And if you have happened to have Bell's Palsy and have any advice or questions for me, I'd love to read it in the comments bellow, thank you! xx


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Apply now to our Etsy: Made in Canada show!

Hello friends!

I hope you all are doing great. I'm writing to you from Mexico where we are currently taking a little vacation with our family but thought it''d be nice to stop by my blog and let you know about the applications deadline for our Etsy: Made in Canada Montreal!

The thing is that I have been so busy and haven't been able to post anything about the applications for the show here (just on FB and twitter) and as applications are due tomorrow and I don''t want you to miss out, here it is, the link to apply and all the info you may be interested to know about our show!

Just click on the image to get it!!!

Let me know is you have any questions! I'll try to answer as soon as I can while on vacations and for sure will keep up with all your emails and questions as soon as I get back to Montreal :) Also, for more up to date info and fast answers reach me on FB!!! 

Have a great weekend!