Monday, January 20, 2014


Such a busy weekend! it left me feeling like a need a Friday night! But hey, no time for that because a busier week is ahead of me, tons of work and tons of some more work :) I managed to use my camera a bit during the weekend, taking photos of friends, mostly. And also alleys, always a must. 

And look my meteorite necklace! it is going tomorrow to the UK to wonderful illustrator Katie Allen: I was so lucky she designed some business cards for me recently! check out my twitter profile to see a lovely mountain-crystal illustration she made for me, love it :)

That's all for now :) So tired...Bed. ZZZZ...

Wish you a lovely week!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Mid January

Well, here we are, on mid January already and I'm a bit shocked, as usual, at how fast time goes. 2013 was a bitch in many ways, specially in the health department but I have to say December was lovely, with much work, much family time and visits from friends from Mexico :)

It has been a busy start of the year, mostly with family affairs and trying to get back into the rhythm of things after a crazy end of the year with so much fun, so much food, and so little sleep. It's coming along good, the re-adaptation, but it's coming along SLOW. Aaaahhhh.

Anyway, I finally start to understand a bit the utility in the new year resolutions: I have always hated to make those but this time I have to admit, I made a couple. I'm not calling them new year resolutions though, because I'm not quite ready to jump into that bandwagon quite yet -or maybe never- so I'm calling them simply plans. Plans made on a new year. Plans inspired by calendar beginnings and planetary movements. I have plans for new collections, for reaching out more to my community and for taking a better care of the planet. I'll talk more about them as I start to make them real :)

Oh, the photos you see are bits from my studio yesterday: I was stamping shipping envelopes and finishing making keepsake bags and I took a couple photos with my normal camera as an attempt to use it more often, I'm sad I never use it now. Time for a change because, as much as I love my phone and Instagram, I'm not happy at how my phone is killing my beloved cameras and how Instagram is killing my blog!

Time for a change, then.

If you are here, reading my blog, I thank you and wish you a beautiful 2014.