Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About cloudy days and grainy photos.

So many photos I need to take (for the new collection and an exciting feature) and the days for the last week or more have been cloudy, gloomy, rainy...A couple weeks ago days were amazingly sunny and I knew I needed to take advantage but procrastination won and I missed my chance of nice light for pictures. Now I'm at the weather's mercy and getting a bit panicked as I truly want to 'unveil' the new pieces by the end of this month.

Aaaanyways. I took these grainy (annoyed with the light) photos today when I was sitting at my desk trying to get some work done but of course I didn't. My little one was around and she decided to try on my ring and be my hand model ;) That gorgeous ring is a vintage piece made of bronze and I added the lapis lazuli cabochon on it. It's a truly gorgeous piece and I'm in love with it, I'm thinking maybe keeping it or maybe to sell it, I don't know...I had it cast in silver, just two pieces which I will set cabochons of amazonite and lapis lazuli on them respectively, those I'll put for sale for sure :) Anyone would be interested in the vintage one?

OK, I'll get to work now, too much to make for Puces POP and Urban Craft, I'm a bit behind on production! No free evenings or weekends for me until fairs are over, but I love it, don't get me wrong: specially now that things are slooowwwly.

To the bench! (Thank goodness husband is making dinner: mushroom risotto, mmm!)

Thanks for reading :)

Spring Puces POP


I'm super happy to tell you I'm part of the Spring edition of Puces POP from May 31st to June 2nd at the basement of Saint-Michel Church in Saint-Viateur. The most exciting part for me is that I'm going to showcase my new collection for the first time!

And check out a sample of other wonderful artisans that will be part of Puces:

And here's a photo of a small part of my inventory for the show. See you at Puces

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


How are you? I hope really great and enjoying your week! Things are great over here: been real busy working for two craft shows coming up in no time: the first one is Puces POP starting on May 31st here in Montreal and the second one is Urban Craft on June 9th in Ottawa. I'm pretty excited about having a show outside Montreal for the first time ever!

Also, I've been working on a wholesale order for a pretty lovely British website that will launch soon! The owner of the website is such a lovely person and I LOVE her taste for beautiful things (check out her blog and see for yourself!) so I'm reaaaally excited about it! I'll update you on that when her website is up and live.

And today I was suuuper excited as one of my favorite bloggers, well, I need to correct that, my favorite blogger in the history of the world, Diana from Miss Moss, made a blog post and included my Desert Rock Ring and one of my vintage stacking ring sets among many other GORGEOUS jewelry. So yay!

Another thing that got me super happy today was to find out two of my favorite pieces of jewelry were included in another beautiful blog, Village: The Faceted Rock Stud Earrings and my beautiful Pebble ring that I love so much. You got to check out the blog because it's pretty cool.

Last but not least, my new collection is now complete and finished, yay!! I love it so much and I can't wait to show you, but first the sun needs to come out so I can take pretty photos to update my shop :) Before the update I'll definitely give you a sneak peek!

And those are the things I've been up to lately :) Please stay tuned because lots of exciting things are coming!

If you read all of that, THANK YOU!!


Friday, May 10, 2013


Today is mother's day in Mexico and I want to write a little blog post in Spanish, so my mom can read and  understand!

To you, my lovely readers and moms, Happy Mother's Day in advance! I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying your loved ones and being pampered!

Feliz día de las madres!

A mi mamá, gracias por tu infinito amor y paciencia, por hecharme porras todo el tiempo, por creer que puedo hacer cualquier cosa (eso me ha ayudado a creerlo yo misma!), por recordarme de disfrutar de los pequeños momentos (por que el tiempo pasa rápido y mas tarde voy a querer regresarlo, en tus propias palabras) y lo mas importante, por nunca decirme que tipo de persona debo ser sino por guiarme para ser quien yo siempre he sido! Te quiero mami!

A mi suegra, gracias por traer al mundo a la persona mas maravillosa que conozco! gracias por su paciencia,  consejos, amor y por hacerme sentir siempre como una hija.

A mis abuelitas, gracias por su ternura, amor, enseñanzas y por todas las historias que me han hecho soñar y vivir con ustedes sus hermosos recuerdos!

A mis tias, por ser para mi como mis segundas madres, las quiero!

A mis cuñadas, gracias por esos sobrinos maravillosos que tanto quiero y extraño y gracias tambien por su amistad y amor!

A mis primas y amigas, felicidades por ser unas mamas tan chidas y fuertes! gracias por compartir sus experiencias y asi poder crecer juntas como mamás de una nueva generación que espero, pueda hacer de este un mundo mejor!

Y muy especialmente, gracias a mi amada Amelia, por contagiarme con su alegría, por enseñarme con su imaginación, por ayúdarme a descubrir cosas con su creatividad, por recordarme que siempre debo escuchar y  por tomarme de la mano y enseñarme a ser mamá.

Feliz día!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Apple blossoms

More like Spring, Montreal is looking very summery: It's been so sunny and warm! And the trees have leaves now! the world is looking green again and that always makes me happy. 

We went to an apple orchard this past weekend in hopes to see the apple blooms and although several trees had flowers already, most of them were not quite there yet. Regardless, it was such a beautiful day and we took photos of the blossoms and also enjoyed walking up a little hill under the bright new leaves of the maple forest.

I hope your weekend was nice and that you feel ready to start your week. Have a lovely Monday!

All photos by me and my husband.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May

It's getting warm. And it's sunny.

A big yay for May!

Here's a new flower compilation to celebrate May and Spring. the photos are taken by me, with my phone. I hope you like them and that the bouquets make you smile as much as they make me :)

I took so many photos of those yellow and red ranunculus, they were the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen I swear. I was so sad when they began to wilt but such is life. Buuut, what do you think of my baby plants of tomato in the last photo? I'm beginning to hope I'll eat my own tomatoes this summer! Could it be possible I'm turning into a green thumb? I so hope!

Have a lovely month of May :)