Thursday, July 28, 2016

Making a workspace for Amelia

This post isn't actually new but I left time pass without posting it. I thought I'd post it once I have the "after" photos taken but, you know how I roll, time just went by and i haven't taken them!

We have actually finished this project now and it was really fun to make. This room is like an open office room that we have in a level between the living room and the basement and since we moved here has been used to basically throw in Amelia's toys. If that sounds like a big mess, well, yeah, it's usually the messiest part of the house for sure! But at least now we have proper shelves and storage space to hide most of the things and a desk for Amelia to do her homework or just fill it with her legos instead of the dining table!

Before assembling the furniture. just an empty space. 
How cute is Ronbon? Such a handsome boy. 

OK, so basically photos of Rombon! 

Back to the room, I'll show you the after photos soon! 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FOLIAGE: the lookbook.

When I was thinking about what I wanted for the lookbook of the FOLIAGE collection, there was one thing I was sure of: I wanted to use pink. This was a very curious thought for me because, well, I don't usually like pink, but the idea was in my head and other ideas couldn't overthrown it.

I think the main reason of me wanting a pink-based lookbook is because I'm obsessed with Noemiah's Emma dress from her latest collection and as I intended to use it on the photoshoot, there wasn't any other way-out to include pink. And you know? I love how it came up!

The beautiful images are the work of a photographer I got to know recently and whose work I completely fell in love with: Naomie Tremblay. Not only she's one of the most professional persons I had had the honour to work with, but her unique take on fashion photography is amazing. She uses 35mm to shoot and a very artistic, poetic vision.

The team was fantastic, too: so professional, energetic, helpful. I only have great things to say from them, so, a huge thanks to Léonie Levesque (makeup), Lily Beauregard (model), Noémiah (wardrobe) and of course, Naomie for the wonderful photography! 

The photos:

For more details about each piece, please click on the images or visit my on-line shop, The Angry Weather!

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Introducing: the FOLIAGE collection.

It's all about renewal and hope.

A cold and wintry day, while I was sulking and complaining about winter probably, I saw a photo that I had taken the year before in the middle of summer. Hmm, it this real? I thought. Have we ever lived in such a paradise? Does so much green ever exists? Those where the silly questions I was asking myself while trying to remember what was like not to be cold and to look outside the window and see green instead of endless white. 

And although all this can seem quite negative, something positive was happening in my mind at the same time: Spring and Summer are real and, they are coming (how Game of Thrones Spring-edition, of me). Yeah, living such a long Winter makes things to your mental sanity but it also make you appreciate the beauty and promises of warmer times.

So this collection was born somewhere there, when stretching myself to reach the happy thoughts of the upcoming warmer months, the blooming of the flowers, the coming out of the leaves. I was filled with hope and I wanted to celebrate it.

And what better way to celebrate than with a new line of leave-inspired jewellery, something to remind us that, even in the darkest  winter hour, spring is coming and with it, all that's green and colourful and warm. And we can apply this to everything, really, specially in these times of so much violence and intolerance. We are the change, things may be dark but we can bring out light, all may look barren, unforgiving, cold but life is there, and while there's life in this world, there's hope for humanity. The leaves and the flowers will bloom. 

Click on the photos to know more about each piece.

I used sterling silver and bronze to make the pieces and with the exception of the Foliage necklace, didn't mixed the metals together, rather giving two options to choose. I'm very proud of this collection, I love it from start to finish: the designing process was a joy: I was planning to make a small, quick line with the idea of the tulip brooch and the leaf earrings but as I started working on the prototypes, more ideas kept coming and it was so awesome to explore them. At the end, it was hard to left out some ideas, but probably they come up someday anyway! 

The Foliage bracelet is so much fun to make, I'm using a technique that is quite basic but that I hadn't used it before, so yay! is nice to keep exploring new ways to make jewellery, that's the exciting part in making new things, the learning that come with the creative exploration.

Also a piece different from what I've done before is the Foliage climber earring design! the look lovely on, I didn't know at the beginning if i would enjoy wearing them, but I wanted to make some anyway, and, surprise, surprise I love to wear them, plus I receive so many compliments on them when I have them on.

Oh, also important to mention, the Tulip necklace makes a 180 degree turn! the kind of piece that you'll be mindlessly playing with when you wear it, just the kind I like.

Well, I hope you like the new Foliage collection, I absolutely loved making it and love wearing it so much! Visit my shop for more details about the measurements, prices, process and more! 

Thanks for reading my blog!