Thursday, July 28, 2016

Making a workspace for Amelia

This post isn't actually new but I left time pass without posting it. I thought I'd post it once I have the "after" photos taken but, you know how I roll, time just went by and i haven't taken them!

We have actually finished this project now and it was really fun to make. This room is like an open office room that we have in a level between the living room and the basement and since we moved here has been used to basically throw in Amelia's toys. If that sounds like a big mess, well, yeah, it's usually the messiest part of the house for sure! But at least now we have proper shelves and storage space to hide most of the things and a desk for Amelia to do her homework or just fill it with her legos instead of the dining table!

Before assembling the furniture. just an empty space. 
How cute is Ronbon? Such a handsome boy. 

OK, so basically photos of Rombon! 

Back to the room, I'll show you the after photos soon! 


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