Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I love me some scarf

I'm a scarf kind of person. I love to use them even in the summer, yeah, I'm weird like that. So now that spring has come and I can put aside the chunky knit cowls and choking cache-cous, I can't stop thinking about the most precious, silky and cottony and light scarves the world has to offer.

Here are the ones on my wish list:

                                                 U-NI-TY Mountain print scarf  
This has been on my wish list forever and unfortunately is now sold out but I'm hopping they'll restock on it soon! 

Even when I seldom use pink in my wardrobe, I wouldn't mind using this pretty and frilly pink scarf every day. 

My inner crazy-cat-lady fancies this beauty.

I just love, love, love the patterns and colors on this collection. They are designed by Lily Stockman and handmade in India by a fifth generation master printer. A piece of art and multiculturalism.

I'm so in love with the Sierra collection by this Spanish collective called Las Coleccionistas. They have 4 different scarves with beautiful landscapes printed on them.

This may be my favorite in the world, yep, sorry, I just LOVE this malachite scarf because of it's beautiful color but mostly because I'm a rock and mineral nutty. Check out the entire collection, they are so perfect. Take note, hubby. 

Moon, moon, moon, luna! This scarf with its moon print is just perfect!
And what about a little bit of history in your scarf? This one by Shadow Play NYC is just epic!

And what about this cozy, lightweight blue beauty from Lee Coren? I'm completely sold by just seeing the photo of it flying lazily in the wind! I just want to snug my shoulders on it.

I believe one cannot have too many scarves, so one of each please!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great news!

Hi there! 

How are you? I hope great! 

I have some pretty exciting news to share: I'm having two giveaways, yay! And I think this is the very first time I organize a giveaway of my jewelry so it's pretty special guys: I'm always thinking on making giveaways but for some reason or the other the idea get lost on my mind but this time shit just got real!

One of the giveaways is going on on my Facebook page and you can win a necklace or bracelet or ring of your choice of a value up to $80 from my Etsy shop! to participate join my FB page, share the giveaway post on facebook and comment when you are done!!

The winner will be announce on Facebook on Sunday March 31st.

Aaaaand I also making a giveaway on Instagram!! Here you can win a pair of sterling silver earrings of your choice from The Angry Weather up to $65 value!

So, if you are on Instagram, follow me (@theangryweather is my user name) and like the giveaway photo + leave a comment on the photo which of my earrings you like the best. I'll announce the winner on Instagram on Sunday March 31st.

If you are on FB and IG feel free to participate in both of the giveaways, I'll be so happy to see you there!


Iveth :D

Monday, March 18, 2013


It's been a while!! Time flies, doesn't it? I can believe is mid March already and spring is just around the corner, yay! I'm looking forward to put away my winter coat and sorel booths for the season ;)

How are you been? I hope really great. We have been great! very busy and happy and a bit sick with stomach bugs and respiratory infections but hey, I won't complain because that's normal for the season, right?

My little girl has started dance classes for the first time! we are very excited, that's why the photo above, she's so, so happy and looking extremely cute on her dance outfit!

And I'm preparing to take photos to my new collection! It's a small collection of rings and bracelets (I may make earrings, too but not quite sure yet), but I'm super excited as it is different from what I usually make, it's more abstract and I love the simplicity and beauty of the pieces I made, can't wait for you too see it! I'll show you a sneak peek soon :)

Thanks so much if you are reading this, it truly means a lot to me to have you visiting my blog! Let me know how are you doing and if you have a blog or a website on the comments bellow!