Monday, January 25, 2016

Studio tour

Last month I was approached by Michelle from the blog Roasted Montreal for a little Q&A and took the opportunity to send her some updated photos from my studio. As I have hardly made any update on that here, I though I'd show you the photos so you see how things look around here, at lear, how they look when it'd clean and tidy ;)

My studio is located in my home's basement which, thank goodness, is very bright, have lots of windows and during the day it doesn'tt look like a basement at all, with all the sun coming in. That may be my favourite part of it. On the downside, it's not very private. I share the space with my family: there's our tv space and library too. The idea is to close my space with a glass wall (we don't want to lose that light I told you about) but when is that going to happen? alas, I don't know. It's kind of a big project that won't come cheap and there are already other big projects for the house that are more urgent. But I'll stay positive and hopeful that this year I'll make enough dough to make my studio private! 

In the first pics you can see my desk, AKA packing station with all my bric-a-brac. Most of the time I work on my laptop there, too. As you can see window sill space is very well used with lots of curiosities and also tools and jewellery stuff. The there's my bench which I love to pieces. In the bench I do most work except soldering and oxidizing (for that nasty stuff I prefer to work on a restroom where we placed a special ventilating system for all the fumes from soldering) so it's always full of tools and current works and experiments. 

Overall, I enjoy this space so much and appreciate the fortune of having a place to make all the jewellery my heart desires. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shop update

At last, you will find my shop updated with the newest members of the jewellery family!

Last December I made a lot of new pieces to present to my local customers at Puces POP and they were a hit! It took me too long (as usual) to photograph and list them on the shop but at last they are there, I hope you love them!

I think my favourite pieces are the MOON earrings and ring (I been wearing my moon ring non-stop since i made it. The Spiky earrings were absolutely a fave with customers: they look just so pretty on! And I also have a weakness for the new, more delicate version of the cloud ring, just so lovely and with the option of choosing from two materials: bronze and sterling silver.

Also a big hit with the local customers were the tiny versions of the cloud and raindrop earrings, just so cute! 

Check out my Etsy shop and see all the new items! Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 15, 2016


We adopted a little cat last year, on my daughter's birthday! his name is Ronbon and he's the cutest thing. We love him so much and he makes a great part of our family. 

Don't you feel sometimes like there's is so much going on at nothing really, at the same time? 

The last months of 2016 were extremely busy, as they are. Then for the holidays we were planning on taking a break from all work and concentrate a bit on resting and get some house projects done too but that didn't work out as we all got sick. First it was my husband, then Amelia, then it was my turn and for a nice closing, my husband got sick AGAIN. it was terrible, I think we got the flu + sinus infections. So after such holidays we felt so tired! right now we are good, feeling like ourselves again and focusing on some projects.

I want to do so many thing this year, mainly working in two collections that I have already designed and launching my website. Maybe even re-work on my branding, give it a bit of an update. And taking a nice vacation aboard, in a warm place preferably.

I wish you the best 2016!