Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To grow

Hi! I hope you are having a lovely day. It's beautiful and sunny in Montreal today and I'm sitting just beside my window enjoying the sun!

I'm also giving some serious thought to the fact that I need to make some price adjustments ASAP. This, to keep my business in the growing path and I'd like for this year to make lost of innovations to apply to my jewelry and make new designs that I have in my sketch book and in my head. I also would like to enter the world of retail as I've been approached by amazing shops that are interested in carrying my work and so far I haven't been able to say yes to them because of lack of time but most importantly because I have to make adjustments to make it worth for me and my business.

Most importantly, I'd like to keep offering this personal touch that I love so much about what I do and the way I do it: I like to take time in every piece I make, to finish it just the way I envision it and to deliver a beautiful piece of jewelry to every costumer. A piece that will not be forgotten in a drawer but will be enjoyed for a long time, not only for the beautiful and simplicity of its design but for the quality on its craftsmanship.

And to be able to maintain my mission, I have to adjust and raise some of my prices.

I'll be doing this in the next couple weeks, as I study each one of my pieces to see in detail where improvements need to be made and taking factors like time into real consideration for pricing.

At the end, I truly believe this changes will not only be beneficial to the growth of my business but to the person who buy my jewelry as well: I want my costumers to keep enjoying a special and unique piece of jewelry, made specially for them, with great craftsmanship and I also want for them to obtain a beautiful keepsake and not something disposable :)

I'd love to hear what you think about handmade & pricing! and as a costumer but also as a small business owner, what does handmade mean to you? thanks so much for your comments bellow ;)