Thursday, April 7, 2016

Something new...

Things have been pretty busy lately, like, the perfect kind of busy. You know, the absolute fun things. The best part of my job is when an idea suddenly takes shape in my mind and I sit on the bench and it just FLOWS. 

I'm working on a new collection! I was supposed to launch it last month but you know how these things go and I decided to just invest the time I need on it and let the work flow organically. But having said that, I do plan to launch at the beginning on May. Exciting times.

In other exciting developments, I received the awesome news that I'll be part of Puces POP spring edition happening at the beginning of May!! So, as you can imagine production has begun and the days at the bench are pretty interesting, with all the making of new things and old favourites.

Anyway, what do you think of the little sneak peek I just gave you with that GIF? You like what you see?! Wait until you see it finished, it's lovely! 

I still owe you the last instalment of the IG for creatives series, don't think I've forgotten is just that time on the computer right now is limited! 

Thanks for reading this.