Monday, January 31, 2011

New on the shop!

Hi there! how is your Monday going? i hope really well and that your weekend was lovely:)
Here things are very busy! i have orders to finish tonight at jewelry school and i hope i find the time to keep working on new projects.

For the moment i want to let you know i'm now offering any of my stud earrings in 14k Gold.
It all began with one of my dearest costumers, who's allergic to silver, wanting to have my Lightning Bolts stud earrings in gold, so i made them to her and the results were so lovely i had to share them with you in hopes you'd love them too :)
Check them out:
Remember I can make any of my stud earring designs in 14 k gold, not just the lightning bolts :)
Thanks for keep up with me! i wish you all a lovely week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Today I love

Hi there! how are you been? I hope really well :)
Lately, i've been obsessed with leather. All i can think about is to get myself a lovely saddle colour leather bag. But then i feel kind of bad to spent the kind of money those bags cost. Regardless, i'm just waiting for a moment of weakness to buy it (of course i'm also in the search of the perfect one :).
Other thing i've been loving as of late is gold jewellery and this is strange because i use to hate gold jewellery! But there are so many lovely, sweet golden things around that i ended up falling for it :)
Well, this are some of the things i'm drooling over today:

The Libro pink leather pouch by Scout & Catalog

Gray days boots from NBDG

Flora and Fauna by Lizzy Stewart

Vintage leather cases by Trampoline

Gosh the week went by so fast! I hope you all have a great weekend :D

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi! how was your weekend? i hope it was lovely! mine was great. I took those photos of an old building we came across while walking on the old part of Montreal yesterday. I really like it: the red brick, old, forgotten.
Yesterday we went to an auto show, i couldn't care less about cars (i'm unable to recognize models or remember names, the only car i like and i know its name is the mini cooper, that one is really cute) but husband loooove cars so it was time he had some fun his way :)
Montreal it's pretty sunny today, but the temperature is -27 C! can you believe it? it's crazy!
I wanted to go get some materials i need but i rather stay home this morning, it's just too cold outside.
Anyways, i'll need to confront the freezing air later on the afternoon as i have jewelry class today. I'm so happy i'm back to my classes, it's so much fun, and cool :) I hope i'll be able to finish some new projects i'm working on soon, but first i have to get some orders done :) things are going good in the shop and that's awesome!

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

And the winner is:

I'm very happy to announce the winner of my Souvenirs From Mexico Giveaway!

I made an old-fashioned raffle with the name of the participants on a tiny piece of paper (sorry the pic doesn't show the twelve of you!! i think Anja is missing from the photo but your name was there!) and then have Amelia choose one :)

This is the one she chose!!!

Congratulations dear Mayi!!! i'll contact you later today so i can send you your prize!!

Thanks so much for participate, it was so much fun and i hope to make another giveaway soon!

Colors and shapes

It's white and beautiful outside, but regardless, i need some colour to keep me sane!

Seventy Tree Big Drop by lovely Kerry. I'm proud to say i own one of her Big Drop prints, i love it!

Wooden blocks by Serena Mitnik via Poppytalk

I hope you all have a lovely week! Oh, and stay tuned for my Giveaway winer today!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Julie Morstad

It's been a while since i've been in love with Julie Morstad work. Her illustrations inspire me and make me feel all sorts of things when i see them. I recently bought the illustration book Milk Teeth And Others by Julie and now it's one of my little treasures.

Before having this book, i possessively loved my little one's abc cards by Julie Morstad. I didn't even want poor girl to play with them and the time she folded (and bite) the "B is for banjo" and "F is for fort" cards, i was like: "nooooooooooo". But now that i have my book she can have the card set all for herself and i'm sure she'll be happy because she loves JM illustrations as much as i do!

The B has a serious bite on it!

For more fantastic Julie Morstad illustration, visit her website here and her shop here (And in case husband read this, can i have this and/or this for my birthday? ;)).
Have a great day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Souvenirs From Mexico Giveaway!!

You didn't think i came back from my vacation empty handed, right? well, i brought some souvenirs from our trip for one lucky reader!!

The first souvenir is a mini sarape, which is hand made in Saltillo. A sarape is kind of a blanket but may be as well something you'll wear as a shawl. It's very colorful and beautiful! The one i brought is mini, too small to wear but perfect for a place mat or to put it under your flower pots to add some cheerfulness to a room :D

The second souvenir it's a beautifully crafted woven bag/purse made of palm. You can use it as a cosmetic bag or to put in letters or small treasures ;) This bag is made by hand in Tabasco by local artisans/indigenous people, so it's a real treasure :)

How to participate:

-Leave a comment bellow!
-yeah, that's it!

I'll make the raffle on Monday the 17 (that's a week from now!) and announce the winner that same day via blog/twitter and facebook ;)

I hope you are excited about my giveaway :) I am truly happy to give this to one of my lovely readers! Good luck to you all!

Woven purse From Tabasco, Mexico

Woven purse, one of the two lovely prizes!

Sarape (colorful blanket) from Saltillo, Mexico.

You can use it as a place mat or to put a flower pot over it. It will cheer up the whole room :)Align Center

The two prizes! Woven bag and Sarape!

Want to see photos from where i brought this lovely things? Here!

Raindrop Stud Earrings: new on my shop!

Hi, it's me again! I just wanted to share with you the news: I have a lovely new item on my shop :) The Raindrop Stud Earrings!
They are very cute and lovely and fun :) made with love, of course!
This particular pair i photographed, i made it for my friend Alty and give it to her as a part of my christmas present, she loved them and wear them all the time! that made me super happy :D

Now, i wish you could give me your opinion about which one of the three photos should i use for my etsy shop??? Right now i have the third one as the principal because i like it's bright and detailed, i think...But not quite sure this is the one i should leave as the principal.
Thanks a lot!!
And have a great day ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shop Announcement

The Angry Weather is back!
Vacations are over and my shop is open again.
It was super nice to have a complete month to just relax, but now i'm more than ready to come back to business!
I'm opening my shop with 8 listings, most of them will be made to order. I have plenty of ideas/sketches for new items and i'm starting to work on some of them as we speak, so stay tuned for what is coming!
I also wanted to tell you that this week i'll create discount coupons for my facebook friends and followers, and also for returning customers, I really want to treat all those of you who have supported me through all this time :D Please visit my Facebook fanpage to take advantage of this discounts!
You can also connect with me through my Twitter account @theangryweather ;)

Thank you so much for your support!


Monday, January 3, 2011

A new favourite: Michael Kirkham

Going trough the pages of Where The Lovely Things Are (extremely lovely blog!) i came across this amazing illustrator called Michael Kirkham. I Love, love love his work! check it out:

This one reminds me of my lil one :)

All images by Michael Kirkham

Visit this link for more :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful time last night with my family and my friends Alty and Ricki :) Today my friends went back to Mexico and i miss them already.
I only wish i hadn't drank so much+stay awake all night :S Today was my turn to wake up early with the little one (and husband's turn to sleep until late) and i just had two hours of sleep! i'm so tired and ready to take a long nap :) and the last thing makes me happy ;)

From here

From here

Big hugs to you all and my best wishes for 2011!