Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shop Announcement

The Angry Weather is back!
Vacations are over and my shop is open again.
It was super nice to have a complete month to just relax, but now i'm more than ready to come back to business!
I'm opening my shop with 8 listings, most of them will be made to order. I have plenty of ideas/sketches for new items and i'm starting to work on some of them as we speak, so stay tuned for what is coming!
I also wanted to tell you that this week i'll create discount coupons for my facebook friends and followers, and also for returning customers, I really want to treat all those of you who have supported me through all this time :D Please visit my Facebook fanpage to take advantage of this discounts!
You can also connect with me through my Twitter account @theangryweather ;)

Thank you so much for your support!



  1. I love the bolt earrings, good simple and awesome stud earrings are hard to come by. Those you could wear with anything and it would look good. You take wonderful pictures, the colors fantastic!

    Much Love- Kim

  2. Thanks so much Kim!! So glad you like my jewelry and the photos :D :D Glad to see you here!