Monday, July 4, 2011

Some photos and F.A.Q.

Wow! what an exciting weekend this has been :)
Today at noon there's going to be a new featured seller on Etsy and I can't help but feel a little nostalgic that is going to be over soon. I won't have an inbox full of etsy circles notifications and 24hrs a day of continue FP goodness anymore. Regardless, this experience makes me feel so thankful and so inspired to keep working, I couldn't be happier!

I wanted to post here a couple more images that weren't included on the feature, just so you can have more insight on me and my work space and because I just really like them ;)

And now, a round of F.A.Q. by the people who kindly sent me messages this weekend :D

Q. How do you manage to have a business, a blog and take care of your little girl?
A. I wouldn't be able to manage it if not for: having a sweet, independent little girl who is content of just singing along with me while I work on the jewelry or the computer; having a sweet husband who helps me sand and anneal pieces every time I need; god bless Amelia's nap time; god bless baby tv (not proud of this, though!); god bless I can't sleep before 1am; and one of the most important things is that I've had to learn to live with a little bit of a messy home and the unexpected.

Q.Where do you buy your tools and supplies?
A. I buy all my stuff here in Montreal at 620 Cathcart or the Montreal jewellers paradise. No tool/internet buying for me :)

I love this one:
Q. Why do you charge $149 dlls for a 3cm piece of silver?
A. because I don't sell pieces of silver, I sell my work.

Q. How come your work table is so clean?
A. Well, I cleaned and organized it for the photo shoot :) but regardless, my work space is very clean indeed, I have a two and a half year old and I work at home! I clean and organize my work table every night, so I'm sure the dirt would not be spreading around my apt and Amelia won't be any close to dangerous tools, compounds or small pieces of things she could put on her mouth.

Those are the ones I really had to address publicly ;) it was definitely so much fun getting to know lots of new people, costumers, etsy sellers! And I want to thank all the lovely people who now is following my blog, welcome to Mademoiselle Cranky Pants (which was the nickname of my little girl when she was a new born ;))!

Thank you!


  1. yay!
    so happy to see you up there sweetie! love that photo of you at work in your apron!

    much deserved sweetie!
    i'm such a fan!

  2. Me parto con algunas de las preguntas que te hicieron !! Buenas respuestas chica ;D Tu siempre tan alegre ...

    Feliz semana!

  3. I loved your answer for "Why do you charge $149 dlls for a 3cm piece of silver?" I will have to remember that because I've had that question posed to me just recently.

    Congratulations once again!


  4. Right on the point my dear!! Great answers!! Me encanta tus foticos adicionales!

    Super sweet the nickname of the little madamemoiselle! :D


  5. Congratulations! I missed this with being out most of the weekend. I bet it was hard to keep quiet :) Great answers and fantastic work!

  6. I enjoyed reading these, its always good to hear how people do it!

  7. Congrats again Iveth! This is so awesome for you! : )

  8. Love seeing your workspace, wish mine was this clean! Congrats again, dear.

  9. la entrevista fue genial y las fotos me encantan (te ves bien linda!!)!!

    felicidades de nuevo y feliz semana!

  10. MUCHISISISIMAS FELICIDADES IVETH.... UUUY SI QUE NOSTALGIA!!!!! Que linda que contestes preguntas y pongas màs fotos... (me encanta ver el proceso de trabajo y el lugar de trabajo de otros artistas...) y muy bien dicho... es tu trabajo lo que vendes y vale bastante por el gran esfuerzo y amor que le pones a cada pieza...

    muuuuchisimas felicidades!!!

  11. Congrats! You were on feature etsy sellr. It brings me here. And also thank you for sharing your working space. One point I am wondering how's the ventilation at your apartment??? I am jewelry designer too, but i can't figure out how to make my home having good ventilation.


  12. Hey, I must have missed all that excitement...congratulations! Love that answer regarding the 3cm of silver...:)

  13. So glad to see you here and that't you enjoyed my answers ;) hehehehe As I told you, it has been a super fun ride and I'm happy to be sharing it with you :D!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

  14. congrats on being a featured seller!
    just found your shop and really enjoy the fun jewelry!

  15. hahaha! the $149/silver question is hilarious! LOVE your answer!! xo

  16. Your answer for the why is your work so much money question was absolutely perfect!!! Congrats again, what an incredible opportunity! :)


  17. I just got to know your work through featured seller interview at etsy and I instantly loved it. Congratulations!
    I'm also having metalsmith classes to become a future jeweler and it's a pleasure to have a peek at other artists studios :)
    By the way, I really loved the third question above too! But I especially enjoyed your answer ;) you are so true!!