Friday, July 30, 2010

Sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek of one of the three new projects i finished lately and are waiting to be photographed! I'm happy to show you first what is going to be in store soon, i hope you like what i have for you!
I actually was in the middle of the photo shoot when my camera ran out of battery and i realized all my batteries were empty :S. So that will have to wait until later today :)

This is a gorgeous pendant that feels great when you wear it and looks lovely, modern and unique. It weights 9 grams so you really feel you're wearing something and you'll want to touch it all the time because it's so smooth and its shape is just touchable! i'm in love with this piece :)
It also has a really shiny finish and the "craters" add just the right amount of edgy attitude darkness to it.
I love to make dome shaped jewellery and this time i kept going and made a ball shaped piece. I took meteorites, craters and the moon as my inspiration.
I'm not sure how to name it yet...any ideas? i'd love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dark mood

Today I want to share with you some of the coolest things i have found lately on etsy. this items have my money wanting to go in their direction:

People in Boats drawer handle by Alma Pottery.

Your Crazy Emotional Needs Give My Life Purpose by Owly Shadow Puppets.

Rib Cage with Heart Silver Necklace by MarKhed.

Swim Sewn Painting by TastesOrangey.

Leather Stag Silhouette in Vintage Frame by Louloudo.

Nurse I Need You, articulated paper doll set by Wool And Water.

Crochet Pompon Necklace by Juliani.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today i love

Marc Johns Illustration.

"So why a rain cloud, you may ask? Tattoos often depict "bad" things, like skulls, daggers, snakes, and such. so I decided to do my own innocuous version of "bad" -- bad weather."

I fixed the tree.

Stop the bad music.

All images by Marc Johns, via here.

I just got to know the work of illustrator Marc Johns. I love the simplicity, the sarcasm and the non-sense of his drawings, they are sort of cute too!. I totally recommend you to visit his blog and check out the rest of his work, you'll love it!

New Listing

Meteorite and Crater Stacked Rings, just listed on my little shop!
I'm extremely happy how this piece came out: it is exactly what i have envisioned and a bit more.
The source for inspiration is pretty evident: comets, meteorites, stars and the night sky. The universe is a wonderful, intriguing and extremely interesting source of inspiration to me, this piece is a reflection of it.
They are two rings: the first one is the crater, i domed a tiny piece of sterling silver circle and mounted it on a half round wire ring, then oxidized it, polish it again to a mirror finish but leaving the inside of the dome black, it looks really elegant and subtle.
The meteorite ring has a tiny solid sterling silver faceted rock, i sculpted it out of a silver ball . i gave the meteorite a rough and mate finish and it looks very cool and rock-ish.
This pair is beautiful together and also each ring by itself looks awesome, i'm sure it'll be a favorite of the person who buys it, it is a favorite of mine already!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My work space

Hello everybody! how was your weekend? ours was good, we went out for dinner in the neighborhood, played at the park and enjoyed the wonderful weather! it was not too hot, with a little bit of rain but also sunny periods.
We even got all wet on saturday! in our way back home from dinner (we walked to the restaurant, about 2km) it starting to rain so hard, it was amazing. We were a little bit worried about the little one getting wet but she was having fun, she was laughing :) it was great. And the rain did not last long so she was mostly dry :) hehehehe.
Well, today i want to share with you some pictures of my office/workspace This is the place where i write, sew, embroider, draw, design, stamp and where i lose lots of time on the internet :S
I don't do jewellery in this space, i make my jewellery in my jewellery class (which i attend two times a week).
Here we go:

I cleaned a bit all the regular mess for the pictures :)

I was trying to think what's my favourite part of this space but i just love everything: my little plants, my orange clock (a gift from one of my best friends, Daniela), the artwork (portrait by Yasmine Molavi, poster from urban outfitters, embroidery and forest illustration by me), all my pens and pastels and markers...

I keep in my desk all the little things that that inspire me, like this pine cones my little one and i found the other day at the park. I love how beautiful and delicate they look but how rough the feel...

My favourite poster.

And this is it, is small but i love my little corner :) i hope you liked it too. Thanks so much for your visit! I wish you all a great week! See you around :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's words

Today I Love

I want to show you some of the things i'm in love with today. They are dark, mysterious, beautiful and very cool. All for sale on etsy.

Much Love print by Ashleyg.

Bear with Me print by DoubleParlour.

Dollybird Spider Web Necklace by DollybirdDesign.

Little Red Riding Hood N.1 by Artquirk.

Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard by Blissinateacup.

Check out more beautiful things i love here, at my latest treasury :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's words

Image by Erin Hanson, via YouMightLikeThis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today's words

Via Keri's flickr photostream.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's raining!!

Wohoo!! the air is fresh and i feel so happy. The heat has been extreme lately so this is a great break from that :D
And to celebrate it's nice and rainy, i'll post some of my favorite rain related items from etsy shops, and here we go:

Elena and Her Cloud, doll by Krize. Adorable, and she has a great story too, you can read about it here.

Sewn Paper Raindrop Decoration by Nancy. This raindrop decoration is beautiful, makes me want to plan a rain themed party or just hang them on my window where it would look so cool :)

Storm Catcher, illustration by The Barber Shop. A storm trapped in a jar, how beautiful is the idea? I just order a similar illustration from this shop and can't wait to receive it and hang it on my wall :)

Late For Dinner, original painting by Jenny Schultz Designs. This painting makes me feel i'm in there, holding an umbrella too and watching the people pass by.

Keep My Tear N.1, doll by Zime Illustrations. I love this beautiful and mysterious decorative doll, she would look really cool over my desk :)

Peter Pan Collar Sift Dress by D4DISCUS. The colour of this dress is the perfect shade of a stormy sky, i love it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today I Love

This jewellery display frames from Pottery Barn:

This is a great idea for having your jewellery organized and beautifully displayed at the same time. It is a shame to have all those lovely pieces of jewellery inside a drawer, they deserve to be seen!
I also like the white, distressed paint on the frames, it looks very romantic :)

Heat Wave

Hi! how are you all doing? i hope everything is well wherever you are :)
It's soooo hot here in Montreal ! We're going to hit 32 celcius today, but with the humidity, it's going to feel like 42. Eww...
I don't like heat that much...and it is funny because i grew up in a place where 32 degrees is considered an all right temperature. I guess i'm not used to the heat anymore.
Right now i'm longing for a cloudy sky, hehehe, but what i really love are those sunny days when the wind is blowing gently and the temperature is about 24 degrees *sigh* those are the perfect days.
Oh well, the only thing to do now is try to "enjoy" this kind of weather :S because the reality is that it won't last long.
How's the weather over there?
I wish you all a happy Tuesday!

Mmm, refreshing! I want to drink this all day long.