Sunday, July 18, 2010

My work space

Hello everybody! how was your weekend? ours was good, we went out for dinner in the neighborhood, played at the park and enjoyed the wonderful weather! it was not too hot, with a little bit of rain but also sunny periods.
We even got all wet on saturday! in our way back home from dinner (we walked to the restaurant, about 2km) it starting to rain so hard, it was amazing. We were a little bit worried about the little one getting wet but she was having fun, she was laughing :) it was great. And the rain did not last long so she was mostly dry :) hehehehe.
Well, today i want to share with you some pictures of my office/workspace This is the place where i write, sew, embroider, draw, design, stamp and where i lose lots of time on the internet :S
I don't do jewellery in this space, i make my jewellery in my jewellery class (which i attend two times a week).
Here we go:

I cleaned a bit all the regular mess for the pictures :)

I was trying to think what's my favourite part of this space but i just love everything: my little plants, my orange clock (a gift from one of my best friends, Daniela), the artwork (portrait by Yasmine Molavi, poster from urban outfitters, embroidery and forest illustration by me), all my pens and pastels and markers...

I keep in my desk all the little things that that inspire me, like this pine cones my little one and i found the other day at the park. I love how beautiful and delicate they look but how rough the feel...

My favourite poster.

And this is it, is small but i love my little corner :) i hope you liked it too. Thanks so much for your visit! I wish you all a great week! See you around :)


  1. wow! nice office!! I've already told you how much I love that orange sheep poster!

  2. Esta super bonito tu espacio de trabajo, lo agregaré en la revista y también pondré el mio ( que no está tan bonito como el tuyo pi pi pi )

  3. Oye y el poster ese tu lo dibujaste?? ésta super bonito también :D

  4. Thanks girls! i'm glad you two liked it :D
    Alty: Que chido que lo vas a poner :) jejejeje y esoty segura el tuyo esta mas cool :)
    El poster lo compre, es mi favorito :D hehehe

  5. El poster está hermosísimo... sería el favorito de muchos ;)

  6. Gracias por tu visita Ana! lo de la orange sheep se ha convertido en mi moto :) que chido que te gusto tambien!