Friday, July 9, 2010

It's raining!!

Wohoo!! the air is fresh and i feel so happy. The heat has been extreme lately so this is a great break from that :D
And to celebrate it's nice and rainy, i'll post some of my favorite rain related items from etsy shops, and here we go:

Elena and Her Cloud, doll by Krize. Adorable, and she has a great story too, you can read about it here.

Sewn Paper Raindrop Decoration by Nancy. This raindrop decoration is beautiful, makes me want to plan a rain themed party or just hang them on my window where it would look so cool :)

Storm Catcher, illustration by The Barber Shop. A storm trapped in a jar, how beautiful is the idea? I just order a similar illustration from this shop and can't wait to receive it and hang it on my wall :)

Late For Dinner, original painting by Jenny Schultz Designs. This painting makes me feel i'm in there, holding an umbrella too and watching the people pass by.

Keep My Tear N.1, doll by Zime Illustrations. I love this beautiful and mysterious decorative doll, she would look really cool over my desk :)

Peter Pan Collar Sift Dress by D4DISCUS. The colour of this dress is the perfect shade of a stormy sky, i love it!


  1. Cool items! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW, Thank you so much for featuring my doll!!
    Your work is awesome!!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting Pia! i'm happy you like it :D
    Zime i'm a fan of your work! thanks so much for your kind words :D

  4. Thanks for featuring my Elena :) I love this post about the rain! So great!!!