Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inspiration: Lost in the woods.

I'm still on forest-branch-woods-grasses mode, thanks to the work of Colby June featured on my earlier post. So i went on an expedition to the www to find the images that most suited my current mood. I want to share with you what i found:

Jewellery thursday

Oh look at this beauties!! i wish that was my hand and be the owner of all those rings.
I like every single one of them, specially the two in the third picture, the branch and the stick, my goodness, i need them! They`re so perfect...
This collection is part of the work of jeweler Colby June and her pieces are like an expedition to the woods: river rocks, branches, leaves, grasses, seeds, you name it!
You can visit her Etsy store and see more of her pieces. You'll fall in love with it.
I came across her work going through the pages of the blog Teenangster. And also at teenagster i found a fantastic piece of jewellery-sculpture that mystifies me completely:

This is the work of artist Tithi Kutchamuch and it's called Companion Parrot. Call me creepy if you will, but i love this piece. I think it's beautiful, and eerie and very interesting
Be sure to visit Teenangster is you are in the mood for dark and beautiful (and sometimes scary) inspiration.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And while the little one is taking a nap...

I waste my time snapping pictures of rocks...
Well i love my rocks, you know. They're pretty.

Inspiring room

My flat - restored table, originally uploaded by h4ndz.

I saw this pic at Sfgirlbybay today and fell in love with the room.
We're moving out from this apt this year and i'm not planing to invest anymore energy in here, but for our next place i would love to decorate it with this room as inspiration.
The picture comes from here and you can check the rest of this beautiful flat. I looove the white, the punch of yellow, the bright colours in the details and the fun wall art.

So neat, too!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More rainbow baked goods

Remember Dany's cake??
If you like it, you will love this rainbow cupcakes! Amaizing!
Didn't i told you? i should have gone wilder with the colours! Ugh!
I'm feeling the urge to bake some cupcakes, like, now!

Image via pretty foods and pretty drinks.
If you really like to eat pretty desserts, and you enjoy so much the way they look, you have to visit this site!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jewellery thursday

Today i want to show you the wonderful work of my dear friend Marie Khediguian.
I meet Marie at my jewellery class and we connect from the first moment. She's so funny, sweet and talented and i admire her so much because she is not afraid of follow her dreams.
MarKhed is the name of her jewellery line and i just love the pieces she makes! some of them had an architectural feeling (that may be because she's and architect), others feel like they are from another time, a more beautiful and romantic time. I've been very lucky to have the chance of watch her working, so it's very exiting to see how well she's doing with her jewellery and i often say: "Oh, i was there when Marie made that!"!
Visit her store to enjoy her work and her blog MarKhed Design for cool inspiraton!

Bella necklace. Oxidized silver.

Anatomical heart oxidized silver pendant.

Oxidized silver ring with antique rose pearl.

Montreal pendant.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pink inspiration

I like pink today. I like it a LOT. Not always though.
Actually, sometimes i hate pink.
But today pink is really pretty.

Via Creature Comforts

Bird houses by Lisa Congdon.

via A creative mint.

I was checking out decor8 for my daily dose of inspiration and i came across this picture from the blog a crative mint and it made my day, the patterns, the colours, the inspiring!!! Plus it totally transport me to spring and sunny days.
You have to check out this blog, the colour stories are just beautiful!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jewellery thursday

Beautiful bracelet.

Long, long necklace.

You can name it thursday, but i like to name it jewellery day!!
From now on i'll try to post something about jewellery every thusrday and make a tradition out of it.
I hope you enjoy the pieces or articles i'll show you as much as i do.
This week, i'll share with you this awesome necklace and bracelet from Bittersweets NY, a fantastic jewellery line that has become one of my faves. Lots of their pieces are so organic and rough, but cute and cool, and i just love that in a jewel, the perfect combination i will say!
Hey, and for those vampire lovers (ANGIE), you'll like this!

I usually don't like yellow gold jewellery, but i wouldn't mind at all to wear this heart and arrow necklace, it's so pretty!! awww

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dany's cake.

The batter.

Batter coloured. I guess i could have gone wilder with it, it looks kind of pale.

Pouring the batter on the pan. fun!

Colouring the buttercream. After this, my camera's battery died :(

Battery charged! Voila le gateau!!! cool, isn't it??

The birthday boy and his cake, he loved it!!

The rainbow in the sky!!

I made this cake yesterday for Daniel, the son of my friend Andrea. He loves airplanes and i saw this cool rainbow cake in ohdeedoh the other day and i couldn't wait to make it, I mean, what a fantastic combination are rainbows and airplanes!! i felt like a child making this cake.
So,thanks Dany for turning two
and give me the chance
to make this cake to you!
The original rainbow recipe and tutorial comes from here.
I guess i ended up being a good cake baker.