Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dany's cake.

The batter.

Batter coloured. I guess i could have gone wilder with it, it looks kind of pale.

Pouring the batter on the pan. fun!

Colouring the buttercream. After this, my camera's battery died :(

Battery charged! Voila le gateau!!! cool, isn't it??

The birthday boy and his cake, he loved it!!

The rainbow in the sky!!

I made this cake yesterday for Daniel, the son of my friend Andrea. He loves airplanes and i saw this cool rainbow cake in ohdeedoh the other day and i couldn't wait to make it, I mean, what a fantastic combination are rainbows and airplanes!! i felt like a child making this cake.
So,thanks Dany for turning two
and give me the chance
to make this cake to you!
The original rainbow recipe and tutorial comes from here.
I guess i ended up being a good cake baker.


  1. Wow....that sectional view says it all.
    Worth the trouble.

  2. It definetly was worth the trouble! it was FUN!!!
    thanks for your comments and for checking out my blog!

  3. amazing! He must have loved it!

  4. Thanks!! Hey Misato, it's nice to see you here!!