Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jewellery thursday

Beautiful bracelet.

Long, long necklace.

You can name it thursday, but i like to name it jewellery day!!
From now on i'll try to post something about jewellery every thusrday and make a tradition out of it.
I hope you enjoy the pieces or articles i'll show you as much as i do.
This week, i'll share with you this awesome necklace and bracelet from Bittersweets NY, a fantastic jewellery line that has become one of my faves. Lots of their pieces are so organic and rough, but cute and cool, and i just love that in a jewel, the perfect combination i will say!
Hey, and for those vampire lovers (ANGIE), you'll like this!

I usually don't like yellow gold jewellery, but i wouldn't mind at all to wear this heart and arrow necklace, it's so pretty!! awww

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