Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jewellery thursday

Today i want to show you the wonderful work of my dear friend Marie Khediguian.
I meet Marie at my jewellery class and we connect from the first moment. She's so funny, sweet and talented and i admire her so much because she is not afraid of follow her dreams.
MarKhed is the name of her jewellery line and i just love the pieces she makes! some of them had an architectural feeling (that may be because she's and architect), others feel like they are from another time, a more beautiful and romantic time. I've been very lucky to have the chance of watch her working, so it's very exiting to see how well she's doing with her jewellery and i often say: "Oh, i was there when Marie made that!"!
Visit her store to enjoy her work and her blog MarKhed Design for cool inspiraton!

Bella necklace. Oxidized silver.

Anatomical heart oxidized silver pendant.

Oxidized silver ring with antique rose pearl.

Montreal pendant.


  1. cute blog! :) I have liked MarKhed's jewellery for a while now, I knew she'd have some interesting friends, I shall be back!

  2. Hi Iveth, thank you for sharing whatever you would feel like sharing and thank you MarkHed also (I love her jewelry) for sharing (again I know) this blog with us.
    I started blogging not long ago, it became a bit like therapy. I don't have many followers but just the fact of typing what I feel in that moment, it makes me feel better.
    I am still in the learning process of gadgets and that kind of stuff.

    Au revoir Mademoiselle!

  3. Thank you tractorgirl and vivilima for your comments! and i'll love to have you back here at my blog!
    I love MarKhed jewellery and i know i'll be featuring more of her soon.
    Vivilima: i know what you mean. I started this blog just to writte whatever I was feeling like or inspire me and it is such a good therapy!
    All the technical blog stuff is a pain for me! thank god my husband loves that stuff so he can help me with all that!