Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jewellery thursday

Oh look at this beauties!! i wish that was my hand and be the owner of all those rings.
I like every single one of them, specially the two in the third picture, the branch and the stick, my goodness, i need them! They`re so perfect...
This collection is part of the work of jeweler Colby June and her pieces are like an expedition to the woods: river rocks, branches, leaves, grasses, seeds, you name it!
You can visit her Etsy store and see more of her pieces. You'll fall in love with it.
I came across her work going through the pages of the blog Teenangster. And also at teenagster i found a fantastic piece of jewellery-sculpture that mystifies me completely:

This is the work of artist Tithi Kutchamuch and it's called Companion Parrot. Call me creepy if you will, but i love this piece. I think it's beautiful, and eerie and very interesting
Be sure to visit Teenangster is you are in the mood for dark and beautiful (and sometimes scary) inspiration.


  1. a mi me encantaron fanatica de los anillos y mas los de plata, creo que lo dorado no va conmigo pero aun creo que esos anillos son especiales.....Gracias por compartir cosas tan bellas....ojala y pudiera tnerlos TODOOOS!!!
    Besitos Iveth!!♥

  2. Los anillos son mi debilidad tambien! Yo creo es lo que mas he hecho en mi clase de joyeria jejeje, nunca son suficientes.
    Gracias a ti por seguir mi blog!