Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Canadian Summer

Family, friends, forests, getting lost, finding ourselves again, a lake, the trees, the sunset, sand under my feet, blue sky over our heads, a bonfire. Those are the words that better describe our weekend. How refreshing to spend the day with loved ones, exploring new places!

I took the lake photos on my friend`s parents house in the Laurentians where we went to say farewell to my friend who`s leaving for Australia next week. I`ll miss her :(

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for reading this. I hope you are doing great and I wish you a beautiful week! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Angry Weather Spring-Summer 2013

After many months of designing, planing, making, photographing, editing and organizing, I'm very happy to present to you my new collection!

I call it Solstice as I longed to capture the sunshine and the long hours of bright, golden light during the hot summer days into a jewel that felt very easy to wear. To do this I used sterling silver and bronze materials and in many cases used both of them in one piece to take advantage of the contrasts and luminosity.
This collection also represent something important for me as I conceived the 'feel' of the jewellery through an inner search for a simpler, uncomplicated way of life. 

For the aesthetic of this new line I was also inspired by primitive jewelry and shapes: what people used to make thousands of years ago when the tools and techniques were in a first stage of development and the jewels were a representation of those early ideas and understandings of the forces of nature, the worship of the sun, and the changes of the Stations through basic forms.

All in all, this new line is full of beautiful, carefully constructed pieces that have a minimalist air and that feel effortless to wear: in the last months this line is almost the only jewellery I'm using and I got to tell you: I'm in love with it and I can't take it off (not that I want to!)! 

Come see and click the images to know more!

Inspiration that comes from objects: I found this very old bronze block and tiny bronze hammer and I knew immediately I wanted to experiment with them to make new things. The block is a tool that jewellers use to place rings and mark them on the inside with purity marks (karats, 925, etc) or their logos. Of course I had different ideas for it!

I don't usually make long earrings but I was so inspired to make these. What is a summer day without a pair of dangle earrings to adorn you ears under the golden sunlight, right? 

And bracelets! oh, dear bracelets how I adore you. These lovelies look effortless and feel wonderful.They look so beautiful by themselves and when staking several of them they make such a cool statement. 

For my necklace collection I went for sunshine and objects that would be super easy to wear on a hot summer day but also that look delicate, cool and uncomplicated with just any casual outfit. 

I think the names I put them reflect pretty much their feel based in metal combinations: The Southern Sun necklace is made of sterling silver and bronze and the combination of these two metals give it a warm feeling, like the sun back in Mexico.

The Northern Sun necklace is all shiny sterling silver and is all about those beautiful sunny days in the middle of Winter were the sun rays are as cold as the ice all around. Beautiful Canada.

And the Midnight Sun Necklace is made of oxidized sterling silver and bronze. The combination of these two colors is absolutely rich and makes me think of the summer sun in the northern -and southern- most parts of the planet where the sun shines strong in the middle of the night.

And that is it! Thank you very much for going through all that explanation! I'm incredibly happy with my Solstice collection and couldn't go without telling you how much I love it and how much your support and encouraging words that you kindly leave me through FB, Twitter, Etsy, IG and emails mean to me! I hope you love this collection as much as I do!


Iveth, The Angry Weather.