Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy: made in Canada Montreal

In this photo: Our main entrance at the Technopole Angus! Des Enfantillages, Anakiel, Lili Pop, Productions DCS.

I know it's two weeks later but better late than never to show you some of the photos I took at Etsy: Made in Canada last month! 

I'll start by saying this: WOW, it was such an amazing experience. Never in my life I imagined to be involved in something like this, I mean, as a seller yes, of course! I am a maker and craft shows are the cherry on top my Sundae! I love craft shows, I love to talk with my customers and be one on one with the people that support my work. But to be behind scenes, at the core of the organization at a big show, never thought of that until I received an email from Etsy Canada back at the beginning of the year asking if I'd like to apply to be part of the organization of this project they were planning for later on the year. I applied because the collective I'm part of loooove to make a good pop-up shop and I though they would be excited to collaborate with Etsy in case I got to be selected. It turned out I was selected and well, we got to do this and it was pretty amazing and rewarding! 

For Etsy: made in Canada, my team (Les Joailliers du dimanche) got to collaborate and work alongside the girls from the Montreal Etsy team (the other team Etsy picked to organize the event) in which Michelle Beausejour is their team captain (team leader for those of you not familiar with Etsy team terms ;)) . What I liked most about working alongside the other team was the chance to step out of our comfort zone and try new things, to mix up what we are as a collective and our ideas with ideas from different individuals and make something new, something that made all of us proud. We learnt so much and we grow so much as well! 

When we were selecting vendors a great responsibility overcame me: These were our vendors, these people were investing their time, efforts on doing this show and they were believing in this project. At that moment the task ahead was immediately defined: we weren't allowed to disappoint them! Of course that was a task I put to myself, it was my biggest motivation throughout the planning process. I was also worried, I guess is normal, I didn't quite know what to expect the weekend of, it was a big mystery to me! until the very last moment when, after seeing all the people that came, all the happy faces, all the great response the weekend of the event, I knew we were good, I knew we had done it. 

I'm never again will see craft shows as I used to see them: my already big admiration for the people that make those shows possible has grown a 100 times! 

Now, the pictures! For more info about the shops, check out the vendor line-up HERE! And if you want to check the rest of the photos I took, find them HERE, on my FB page!

In this photo: Hazel and Hunter, Nanoutriko, Orange and Coco, Ysabel LaRousse and Tanya from Etsy Canada.

Orange and Coco, Cara Carmina, Pops Art, Fannie Gregoire and Des Enfantillages.

In this photo: Rousskine, Cutiful Baby, Double Yellow Line, Vuela Vuela and Unik Printshop.

In this photo: Les Joailliers du Dimanche! Marilie Jacob, Pilar Agueci, Louise Koo, Sabine Pouquet, The Angry Weather (my husband at my table!) and Catrie. We also had a collective table but I didn't took photos of it!

In this photo: Terrarium Obsessarium, Zoe G Kocsis, Amanda Moss, Noir & Black, Cadeaute, Twill & Print, Grotesquely Beautiful Things, N/A, Raymond Besinger, Matelele and Les Charlatans!

And these last photos are from the night prior, during the decoration session!

Thank you so much Les joailliers du Dimanche and The Montreal Etsy team for your great work. Thank you vendors for believing in this project and thank you buyers for supporting the local community of artists and artisans. Thanks to our families for all your help and support during these crazy months! Thanks Etsy, for always finding ways to encouraging us to grow. And thank you to the girls from Etsy Canada (Erin, Nada, Melissa, Tanya, Jennifer) for all your help, support and for the the amazing opportunity!
Let me know in the comments bellow if you attended this or any of the Etsy: made in Canada markets across Canada and what was your experience? :)

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Angry Weather look book (second and last part).

Marianne Caron wearing my Raindrop necklace. Photography by S.E. St-Gelais, stylist Maude Boisjoly and make up by Sarah Ladouceur.

So much to say about so many things! the last month has been absolutely bonkers: being behind the organization of a craft show surpassed all my expectations. It was so much work, so much fun, the planning, the doing, the crazy daily to-do lists, so much to coordinate but it was as well one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had! I still can't believe we did it and I still can't believe how amazing it was! 

Anyway, I will write a blog post about that soon telling you all about it but now I have something I NEED TO SHOW YOU: the second and final part of the photos from my look book!

Shot by wonder-girl-photographer Sara Emily St-Gelais
Model is the gorgeous Marianne Caron.
Amazing stylist is Maude Boisjoly
And make up artist extraordinaire is Sarah Ladouceur.

I love with photos: the effortless feel, the dreamy feel, the softness, the simplicity. The team understood my work and did a wonderful job bringing all the elements of it together: sometimes modern, other times more sweet and delicate. Plus working with them was delightful and a lot of fun!

So, here they are, the lovely photos! I hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful, right? You can click on the photos for more info about The Angry Weather jewellery Marianne is wearing. Thank you Sarah-Emily, Sarah Ladouceur, Maude and Marianne, you are truly amazing!