Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's Words

I love this print by Yellow Heart Art! Charming!

Did you watch the R. wedding? It was like a guilty pleasure to me :) I woke up very early because I did not want to miss it (I sleep on my couch through the actual wedding though! it was too early!). Husband was making fun of me :P
Well, I think it was a charming thing to see :)

Are you ready for the weekend?! I am!! I hope you have a really good time and I also hope to see you around next week :) Hugs!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extremely cute things

Awesome new shop find via Imaginative Bloom

From where I got my Mini house brooch!

On my list of most desirable objects.

Cuteness on the extreme!!!

How are you today?! I hope really good :) And in case you are a bit overwhelmed by the everyday trouble, I hope my cute picks make you smile a bit :)

Things have been nice over here, with easy days and overall calmness, so not much to say!
Oh well, I do have something to say, now that I think about it: that I'm working on new jewelry and I hope to put it on the shop all at the same time, sometime soon. And also I'm working on some changes here on the blog that I hope I can finish soon, too :) You know how lazy I am sometimes to get things done ;) But I'll try to be efficient ;) hehehehe

Sending you best wishes,


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today I Love

Mountains tote bag and Mountain sky cutting board by Hilda Grahnt

Wolf tote bag by Nora Aoyagi

Grid tote bag in blue, here

I have tote bag fever lately ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest acquisitions

It's always exciting for me to receive packages in the mail from Etsy sellers. But I have to say that my little package from PinkRain was the one that have make me the happier!

I bought the Mini mini house brooch and it is so cute and perfect and Mafalda (the lovely illustrator/artist) sent me some adorable little things along like the triangle brooch and the ghost little red brooch that are just my type of thing. Open that package was like christmas in April!
I absolutely adore the little keepsake bag she sent me, is so perfect and cute I want to eat it!!! For more awesomely cute things go to PinkRain shop.

The bag is too a recent purchase from this amazing shop. It is custom made for me and I couldn't believe how fast it arrived and the excellent craftsmanship, I love my bag! Plus she sent me a lovely mini wallet and the button with the sweet crying-dog :) Visit Christina's and see the cool bags she makes :)

And this little lady is called Daisy but little one baptized her as Neige (which is french for snow) or NiƱa (spanish for little girl). I don't know how she came up with those names, but I like them :)

It was so hard to pick just one doll from GoodByeBlueMonday, this shop is full of the cutest little friends and I already want to come back for more :) Like, I want all those dolls for me!

I hope you have found some interesting things to go explore!
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm back!!

Hey!! So glad to see you here :D

I'm back after a very lovely vacation. I hope all of you are very well and happy :)
I have some photos I want to share with you from our little trip.

Boston was lovely as always! I'll never get tired of Boston, I find it very charming and lovely. Plus we were there and all the trees were blossoming and I was so happy taking photos of the flowers, yay!
Then we went to Newport which is this small, charming town by the sea and it was so cool. Although the time we were there it was cold and CRAZY windy, it kind of added up to the mood and it was magical.

I hope you enjoy my photos!!

So glad to be back, see you around!!




Thursday, April 7, 2011

Au revoir!

Awww I wanted to do so much stuff on my blog this week and now I'm leaving tomorrow for vacations and I did nothing!

Sorry I promised you fun and surprises for this week, it'll have to be when I'm back. Gosh I can't believe how hectic things have been lately over here. I truly felt overwhelmed at some point by all things I had on my "to do list" I'm trying to focus on the days we are going to spend doing fun stuff and relaxing (I hope!) away from home.

I hope to see you again when I'm back :) And I wish you the best!

Ok then, see you soon!!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

A big thank you!

Hi there!!

I hope you are excited because is Friday!! I am so happy :)

I want to update you on some things from my shop. First of all, I'm happy and proud to inform that, to date, we have donated $240.00 USD to the Red Cross earthquake/Asia-Pacific tsunami relief 2011, all this from the purchase of my Refuge Necklace during the last weeks. I'm so happy for the response of costumers, they are jumping to the opportunity to help people in need and I truly appreciate the opportunity they have giving me to help, too during this devastating times for the Japanese people.

I also want to let you know that, as prices on silver are raising and I truly want this passion that is jewellery to grow into a business, keep creating new things and keep offering you great craftsmanship on my pieces, I'll be making some adjustments on my prices soon. I'll try to make it up to you, that always support me by offering discount codes and free shipping from time to time, this will be via my Facebook fan page. So if you are not yet a fan, Hurry up and like me on Facebook!

Last, I want to wish you a lovely weekend and send big hugs your way! Thank you :)