Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extremely cute things

Awesome new shop find via Imaginative Bloom

From where I got my Mini house brooch!

On my list of most desirable objects.

Cuteness on the extreme!!!

How are you today?! I hope really good :) And in case you are a bit overwhelmed by the everyday trouble, I hope my cute picks make you smile a bit :)

Things have been nice over here, with easy days and overall calmness, so not much to say!
Oh well, I do have something to say, now that I think about it: that I'm working on new jewelry and I hope to put it on the shop all at the same time, sometime soon. And also I'm working on some changes here on the blog that I hope I can finish soon, too :) You know how lazy I am sometimes to get things done ;) But I'll try to be efficient ;) hehehehe

Sending you best wishes,



  1. All of them are on the top of my wishlists too!
    They are cuteness EXTREME indeed!!!

    & good luck with all you work & those big changes!

  2. Hello Katrien!! She share the love for cute and quirky, I see!!
    Thanks so much for your visit and best wishes!!

  3. Que ganas tengo de ver tus cositas nuevas !!

    Tu selección de cosas lindas es excelente !! Me encantan esos brochitos pequeñitos :)

  4. All of this is so cute!! I particularly love the cloud board!! And I can't wait to see your new jewelry and the changes on the blog...I'm so curious now :)

  5. OMG! I just love the hats! Those are soooooo cute! I mean it's like the best hat for babies ever!

  6. qué lindo todo y me encantan los broches aunque soy malísima para usarlos, como que no es lo mío...

    nuevos diseños? bien!!

  7. :D So happy to see you all here! I'm glad you liked my picks!! Thanks :D

  8. ay adoro minifan! es buenisimo!!!!! :)