Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest acquisitions

It's always exciting for me to receive packages in the mail from Etsy sellers. But I have to say that my little package from PinkRain was the one that have make me the happier!

I bought the Mini mini house brooch and it is so cute and perfect and Mafalda (the lovely illustrator/artist) sent me some adorable little things along like the triangle brooch and the ghost little red brooch that are just my type of thing. Open that package was like christmas in April!
I absolutely adore the little keepsake bag she sent me, is so perfect and cute I want to eat it!!! For more awesomely cute things go to PinkRain shop.

The bag is too a recent purchase from this amazing shop. It is custom made for me and I couldn't believe how fast it arrived and the excellent craftsmanship, I love my bag! Plus she sent me a lovely mini wallet and the button with the sweet crying-dog :) Visit Christina's and see the cool bags she makes :)

And this little lady is called Daisy but little one baptized her as Neige (which is french for snow) or NiƱa (spanish for little girl). I don't know how she came up with those names, but I like them :)

It was so hard to pick just one doll from GoodByeBlueMonday, this shop is full of the cutest little friends and I already want to come back for more :) Like, I want all those dolls for me!

I hope you have found some interesting things to go explore!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. So cute - I love the brooches!

  2. They're adorable Laura! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lovely blog! im in looove! ,thank you for sharing! :D

  4. Thank you for sweet feedback!

  5. omg! thank you sooo much for your lovely words!
    thank yooouuu!
    make me so happy !