Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's Words

I love this print by Yellow Heart Art! Charming!

Did you watch the R. wedding? It was like a guilty pleasure to me :) I woke up very early because I did not want to miss it (I sleep on my couch through the actual wedding though! it was too early!). Husband was making fun of me :P
Well, I think it was a charming thing to see :)

Are you ready for the weekend?! I am!! I hope you have a really good time and I also hope to see you around next week :) Hugs!



  1. I love this one, too... so cute!

  2. I love the print! So adorable and smart!
    I didn't watch the wedding but I can't believe that 2 billions of people watched it!! That makes almost one third of the world population watching the same thing at the same time! I find this so incredible!!
    Have a great weekend Iveth :)

  3. Thanks for visiting me, Rachel and Clemence!! so happy to have you guys here :D
    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend :D