Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Goodbye 2016

If anything, this year has been extremely interesting.

Before starting this post, I was ready to call 2016 a lot of bad names but once I started gathering some thoughts about what I was going to include here, I immediately felt it would not do. 

It was easy to lose heart and despair this year: from the heavy heart from all the injustice, war and violence happening in the world to the constant blows of loosing people you often recur to their art for comfort and to that adding the incertitude that the world is in the hands of a few of the craziest people, sometimes it was just too much, wasn't it? It all felt like a constant burden that made it hard to even try to see the beauty of everything else.

But then, there is beauty and more than ever we must find it in the little things that, in truth, are the most important things. The smile of the people we love that sometimes we take for granted. The warmth of my husband's hand, the pure laughter of my daughter, the movements of the baby growing in my womb, the blessing of having a roof over our heads and a place to be together. The gifts nature gives us everyday: a snowfall, the waking of nature in spring, the feel of sunshine in the skin on a summer day, the leaves gently falling during autumn, the winter that comes and makes everything sleepy, giving us the chance to gather and slow down. 

All those things that are so simple, but that are the most important were ever present and I'm so grateful. This doesn't mean I forget that so many people are going through awful times all ove the world and that I need to do my part everyday to help, as a human being. That I need to speak my mind when I see injustice, to extend my hand when I see need, and to care, to never give to disinterest. 

So, thank you 2016, for the blessings and for the blows too because those will make us even stronger to stand for what we need to, everyday. 

Thank you for keeping up with my blog and for your continuous support all this year!