Friday, October 28, 2011

Have a happy weekend!

Wonderful photograph Via A Well Traveled Woman

Want to make this beautiful accordion paper flowers. Via Oh! Craft

Love. Via I Heart Chivalry

Loving this Clustered charm necklace from Anthropologie.

Depeapa print found via That's Happy

All this finds from my Pinterest boards :) Oh how cool is Pinterest!
I wish you a happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Run wild my child

Naturally, I'm always looking around for cool stuff for kids. This are my favorite things right now (well, I have to admit: I want Royal Mint's bear figurine for myself!):

-Run wild my child print by The Wallaroo -T rex shadow puppet by Owly Shadow Puppets -Clan bear bravelette figurine by Royal Mint -World map pillow by Atelier Pompadour

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Really nice things

Today's finds (psst, psst, I want them all!):
The zigzag bracelet I love the shape and construction of this wonderful piece by NomoiKoru -Dress Navajo and Shirt Diamond by ThingsLikeDiamonds I fell in love with this shop, speciall with their awesome t-shirts! - Pineapple brass ring by Marie from Markhed Designs, fantastic and so touchable!

Tribal angles necklace by Guisela from Under A New Light, she makes the most wonderful jewelry with recycled materials - La bolsita from Scout and Catalogue, gosh, I just want everything from that shop! - Mountain notebook from little Alexander, I'm soooo into mountains (can you tell?) and this notebooks are so cool! - Alps photography by Fotoforest. My mind wanders...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New on the shop!

I have so many new pretty jewels on my shop, yay!! I spend August and September making new things that were lingering on my mind (and my sketch notebook!) for so long! All was worth it as it feels like I have a whole new collection! After a couple weeks of photo shoots (Oh, it was hard to get the right light and quiet moments with the little one to coincide, it took me so long to finish the photography!), editing and listing, you can now see the results of all that work. I'm in love with my new things and I hope you love them, too :)

I can divide the new stuff in two collections: The Rocks and Mountains and The Tea Party :)
The Rock and Mountain collection was stuck in my mind during my last trip to Mexico (almost a year ago). We went to the north of Mexico to a city located in the desert and surrounded by mountains. On a day trip while in there, we drove a couple hours by unpaved roads to this tiny village, in the middle of the desert and mountains where the locals extract herkimer diamonds from the near mountains. I love rocks and minerals (have you noticed?) and this was like a magic trip for me: finding all those treasures, meeting those persons, being in the austerity of the desert (which I'm completely in love with) and in the company of people I love. So I came back with so many images in my mind ready to pass on to metal.
At the moment of making all that into metal, I was also very influenced by simple geometric shapes and patterns, photography of mountains and also by our ski adventures here in Canada. It may be a eclectic mix of inspiration, but I think it translates so cool in the objects!

And the Tea Party collection is just part of my "refuge" thing going on: comfort, the search for serenity, relaxation, the childhood memories, nostalgia and so on. And this collection was also influenced by Alice in Wonderland :) and that can count as a childhood memory, too :)

And there's more to come! I'm still working on some pieces for both collections, some in 14k gold. And if you want to see new weather related things, well, I have some awesome little new pieces that I'll be listing in the next days, so check back often!

Well, thank you so much if you read all that! pheew! I just think the inspiration and ideas behind the things I make are so much part of the pieces, that I feel I need to write them down :)

Thank so much for supporting The Angry Weather and for visiting my blog!
Big hugs!

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