Monday, February 28, 2011

La Nuit Blanche!

It was awesome!

The sale/exhibition on Saturday with the Joailliers du Dimanche was so much fun. The loft studio was sooooo cool and there were tons of people! All the buzz was mostly because upstairs was this huge art and music exhibit going on and many people who visit it, went to see our jewelry, too :)

I was extremely happy to be among all those awesome jewellers and in the company of family and friends. It was also great to be in direct contact with potential customers and for the first time i think i have a clear idea of the people my brand appeals to :) it was so insightful!

On the downside i did not have a sale (boooo!) but as the people who visit weren't prepared to attend a sale, not many of us did sell anything, so i guess it's ok and i think this experience was well worth for itself! The cool thing is that many more local people know my jewelry now :)

I took some photos! It was a bit dark but i think that adds up to the ambient from that night ;) I hope you like them!

My booth! Note to myself: need more light next time!

The loft/studio was so cool and full of curiosities

Amelia is my biggest fan ;) hehehe

Les Joaillers!

An orchestra was playing upstairs! soprano and all

Many cool exhibitions going on upstairs

Thank you so much for all your best wishes and support :)
I hope you have a lovely week :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

This week...

It's been a busy, busy week :) So much things to share with you!

First of all, I want to thank all the lovely people who voted for me and help me share the news of Rikrak's Handmade Olympics, I won bronze medal and a month of free advertising in the blog, yay!!
I'll be forever grateful to Clemence from Galejade Jewelry who nominate me for the event!

Other thing I'm excited about is that tomorrow is my first ever sale! I'm going to be selling along such amazing jewellers from the collective Les Joailliers Du Dimanche as part of the Nuit Blanche event in Montreal!
I'm just finishing little things in preparation for tomorrow :) I hope to show you pictures from the event on Monday! Wish me luck!

Things on the shop are awesome! I'm truly grateful to the people that have acquire a piece of The Angry Weather Jewellery lately! with this special jewel, you also have a piece of my heart :)

I've been featured in so many treasuries it's crazy and I particularly love this blog post from the amazing Ingrid from iDNi Textile Jewelry about little houses!! you know how much I love houses, right?

Thank you so much for keeping up with me! And before I leave for the weekend, I want to treat you with a sneak peek of what it is to come next week on my shop, I hope you like it!!

Have a happy weekend!

The Lost Button oxidized necklace by The Angry Weather.
Next week on my shop!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Iveth, Amelia & Alex: Los corazones!

I really am!

This is the beautiful textile illustration by Cara Carmina I won a couple weeks ago and I'm over the moon, I love it!!
There, you can see me, the little one and husband holding hands and the little bunting says "corazones" which literally means 'hearts' but in this context it's something like 'loved ones' :)
I'm so happy it now lives on my wall and I'm very thankful to Norma, from Cara Carmina for making such a special, beautiful and unique piece of art for me!!

Please visit Cara Carmina shop, You'll be blown away by her wonderful dolls, textile cards and illustration!!

Thank you so much Norma!! :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I Love

Utility Sessa Carlo military tote by Dry Goods

Vintage boots from James Rowland Shop

Puft braidy headband by Poutfits

Bunting necklace by Super Duper Things

Hi there!! how are you doing this week?? I feel like it has been too long since my last post!
I've been so busy preparing for my sale on saturday and i haven't find the time to write here.

But today i wanted to come back and show you some of the things i love so much lately, from etsy. I probably have more olive green in my closet than any other colour and i never get bored of it. Most of times i must look like a soldier. And maybe I am, a soldier of peace ;)

I wish you all a lovely day!

Friday, February 18, 2011


By illustrator Yelena Bryksenkova

I wish you a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today I Love

Homey things.

Tin teacups, Sushipot Parts

Hilda Grahnat cutting board

Rain towel, Yuko Uemura

Today i'm dreaming of a clean, neat home but don't feel like tidying up! i'm so tired and just want to sit in the couch with Amelia and watch Harry Potter ;)

How is your week going? do you have any special plan for the weekend?

Oh, I want to remind you my Refuge Necklace is on the Handmade Olympics contest over at Rikrak Studio Blog and I'd love if you stop by and vote for me!! thanks so much!

Have a lovely day :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Les Joailliers du Dimanche

I'm so happy to announce i'm going to participate in my first-ever public sale, yay!! I was honored to be invited to be part of Les Joailliers Du Dimanche collective by awesome jeweller, Andrée Anne and therefore participate with them in this event.
The sale is going to be next Saturday February the 26th in Griffintown's Cultural Corrindor here in Montreal as part of the super cool Nuit Blanche!

You have no idea how excited I am, not just because it's my first sale, or because this is part of a big, cool event in the city, i'm so excited to be selling alongside such awesome jewellers that i admire, and to be invited to be part of the collective it's so awesome!!

I want to say thanks to the super sweet Andrée Anne for inviting me to this event and i also want to share with you the link of the collective's blog, so you can see the work of the other awesome jewellers!

Also, you can join the jeweller's facebook fan page for news of the collective :)

Ohh i can't wait for the date to arrive! although, i'm working myself off to have a decent stock for the sale so i need time, dhu :S
Pssst, i have lots of new pieces i can't wait to show you, yay!

Friends from Montreal, please come to enjoy the Nuit Blanche to Griffintown Cultural Corridor and say hi to The Angry Weather!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Handmade Olympics!!

Hi there! I hope you are doing great today :)
I want to tell you I'm super, super excited as yesterday I got to know my Refuge/Home Necklace made it to the shortlist on the Handmade Olympics organized by Rikrak Studio!

The Handmade Olympics is an event on Rikrak Studio blog with several categories where lovely, innovative, eco-friendly, handmade and vintage goodies (and blogs) can participate to win great prizes!

My refuge/Home Necklace was nominated by lovely Clémence Herbillon from Galejade Jewelry for the "Our favorite handmade goodie that inspires loveliness and wellness" category. She was so sweet and kind to put my jewelry out there and then my Refuge Necklace was chosen to be a finalist and then you can vote for me or for your favourite to win!!

This is so cool and i feel so fortunate to have my necklace in the competition, not just because i'm competing but because when i created that necklace, it was with this in mind: a piece of jewelry which reminds you of a place where you feel comforted, secure and happy. In my case, this place is home, so i conceive it as the little house with the troubled cloud in the background, outside your protective space. So out there, are people 'feeling' my jewelry and that makes me happy!

Ok, now here's the link of the event i'm participating (event number 4), can i just say i would LOOOOVE if you can follow the link and vote??!! there are so many other awesome competitions going on so don't forget to vote for your faves in all categories!!!

Thanks so much Rikrak Studio for having me in your blog, thanks so much Clémence for nominate me, thanks so much Ez for select my Refuge for the shortlist and thank you, for your support!!

The Refuge/Home Necklace

Monday, February 14, 2011

Snowy day

Hi and happy Monday!
I hope your weekend was nice :)
It was really snowy here and not too cold which is a good thing. We took advantage of the weather on sunday and went to play at the park in the snow :) It was real fun: husband and little one sliding, playing on a snow fort and just running around like two kids! and me, taking pictures! i wanted to play and make a snow man but silly me, i forgot to bring my water-repellant gloves and my hands were wet and freezing!!

Oh, i was asked (Kerry, i hope you read this :)) what camera i use to take my photos, regularly it's a Nikon D3000, but this time i didn't want to take it outside (because of the snow) and just used my regular, small Nikon Coolpix which also makes a great job, i think! The photos were a bit pale, so i also fixed them with piknic, i love to use the "cross process" option :)

I hope you all have a really lovely week! see you later!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm a rock junkie.
I have a little collection of minerals, fossils and just plain rocks that just happened to have a lovely shape or nice colour :)

Ever since I was a little child, going to the river or the beach meant picking up lovely shaped rocks. Even my dad brought rocks home for me whenever he happened to came across one he thought I might like (and some of the ones he gave me are my favourites still).

Last time we went to Mexico I brought with me lots of quartz, a couple of fossils (of marine life, but we are talking that this were found in the middle of the desert) and an arrow (maybe from the people who live there hundreds and hundreds of years ago). I feel particularly fond of this bunch because not only are they gorgeous and unique, but they bring me really nice memories: of the desert, a lonely village, being with my family, the austere, yet absolutely beautiful vegetation of the desert, wonderful landscapes, family history and peaceful, perfect moments of that day.

I took some photographs of this last bunch, here:

(The amethyst is the only one i got in a market)
Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

This photo makes me happy

I see it, smile and suddenly i'm hopeful for brighter, warmer days. Gaaash, that photo is just throwing sunshine at me!

Yep, i think i'm finally a bit bored of this winter...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I Love

Aren't all those things amazing? loving the wood, too :)

Lately: The city is FULL of snow. Yesterday the little one and i went to drop some packages to the mailbox two blocks away from home and it was torture! the stroller got stuck in the snow every two seconds. Other than that, the snow has been nice.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I won!

I can't believe i won an awesome giveaway!!! Gosh i'm starting to believe i'm such a lucky person ;)

Over the week i won a wonderful customized textile card by Cara Carmina and couldn't be more happy. I can't wait to receive it as i'm sure it'll be just amazing as everything Norma, from Cara Carmina creates! To participate we had to tell a bit about our personal love story at her blog and the stories people told were very sweet :)

Norma is a Mexican girl living in Montreal; She is an illustrator and also makes fabric dolls, textile cards and paper collage dolls, among other awesome little things. She has an Etsy shop that is, to put it simply, amazing!

I "meet" her on etsy and i was happy to know we share nationalities, our current city and love for art! We haven't meet -yet- in person but i hope to do so very soon as we already are etsy/friends!

Thanks so much Norma for making this giveaway and make a gorgeous card specially for me!

I love my bike (textile collage card) mine it's going to be something like this in size and style :)

Craving for more? Check out Cara Carmina shop and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is today

From Amelia's window

Power out

Lots and lots of snow and wind. It's pretty crazy out there. Power out and all.