Monday, February 14, 2011

Snowy day

Hi and happy Monday!
I hope your weekend was nice :)
It was really snowy here and not too cold which is a good thing. We took advantage of the weather on sunday and went to play at the park in the snow :) It was real fun: husband and little one sliding, playing on a snow fort and just running around like two kids! and me, taking pictures! i wanted to play and make a snow man but silly me, i forgot to bring my water-repellant gloves and my hands were wet and freezing!!

Oh, i was asked (Kerry, i hope you read this :)) what camera i use to take my photos, regularly it's a Nikon D3000, but this time i didn't want to take it outside (because of the snow) and just used my regular, small Nikon Coolpix which also makes a great job, i think! The photos were a bit pale, so i also fixed them with piknic, i love to use the "cross process" option :)

I hope you all have a really lovely week! see you later!

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  1. Hi Iveth, I did see this post...sorry I didn’t reply! Thanks for telling take really nice pics, and these with the other camera are fab too. I am also a Picnik fan!