Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Handmade Olympics!!

Hi there! I hope you are doing great today :)
I want to tell you I'm super, super excited as yesterday I got to know my Refuge/Home Necklace made it to the shortlist on the Handmade Olympics organized by Rikrak Studio!

The Handmade Olympics is an event on Rikrak Studio blog with several categories where lovely, innovative, eco-friendly, handmade and vintage goodies (and blogs) can participate to win great prizes!

My refuge/Home Necklace was nominated by lovely Clémence Herbillon from Galejade Jewelry for the "Our favorite handmade goodie that inspires loveliness and wellness" category. She was so sweet and kind to put my jewelry out there and then my Refuge Necklace was chosen to be a finalist and then you can vote for me or for your favourite to win!!

This is so cool and i feel so fortunate to have my necklace in the competition, not just because i'm competing but because when i created that necklace, it was with this in mind: a piece of jewelry which reminds you of a place where you feel comforted, secure and happy. In my case, this place is home, so i conceive it as the little house with the troubled cloud in the background, outside your protective space. So out there, are people 'feeling' my jewelry and that makes me happy!

Ok, now here's the link of the event i'm participating (event number 4), can i just say i would LOOOOVE if you can follow the link and vote??!! there are so many other awesome competitions going on so don't forget to vote for your faves in all categories!!!

Thanks so much Rikrak Studio for having me in your blog, thanks so much Clémence for nominate me, thanks so much Ez for select my Refuge for the shortlist and thank you, for your support!!

The Refuge/Home Necklace


  1. Well done you! You got my vote, but then you know how much I love this necklace....I just showed it to my husband, and told him if he was ever looking for a gift to buy for me....!

  2. Hehehehehe that's super sweet Millie!!! thank you SO much!!!! So happy to see you here!!!

  3. Congratulations Iveth, I'm so happy for you ! You really deserve it, I voted and I hope you'll win !!

  4. Clemence you are so sweet!! and it's thanks to you i'm on the contest so thank you so much!!

  5. congratulations, sweetie! love your work!
    good luck! :)

  6. Thank you so much for organizing this awesome event Kristal!
    It's awesome, so much fun and excitement :) and i'm honored to be among such amazing crafters, i can't believe it yet, hehehe thanks!