Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm a rock junkie.
I have a little collection of minerals, fossils and just plain rocks that just happened to have a lovely shape or nice colour :)

Ever since I was a little child, going to the river or the beach meant picking up lovely shaped rocks. Even my dad brought rocks home for me whenever he happened to came across one he thought I might like (and some of the ones he gave me are my favourites still).

Last time we went to Mexico I brought with me lots of quartz, a couple of fossils (of marine life, but we are talking that this were found in the middle of the desert) and an arrow (maybe from the people who live there hundreds and hundreds of years ago). I feel particularly fond of this bunch because not only are they gorgeous and unique, but they bring me really nice memories: of the desert, a lonely village, being with my family, the austere, yet absolutely beautiful vegetation of the desert, wonderful landscapes, family history and peaceful, perfect moments of that day.

I took some photographs of this last bunch, here:

(The amethyst is the only one i got in a market)
Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!



  1. What a gorgeous collection ! I love rocks too, and yours are so so so lovely !

  2. A beautiful collection! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments :D muchas gracias!!!

  4. the loveliest collection :)

    and may i say my dear friend, you are an awesome photographer. i really need to learn how to shot my pics so they come out so pro'. if you make a course let me know to sign up!

  5. I agree..these are so pretty...and beautifully you mind me asking what camera you use Iveth? Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

  6. Thanks so much Mayi and Kerry!! :D
    You two are so sweet :) I use a Nikkon D3000 and love to shoots most objects on white surfaces with natural light :)
    And I have an extra trick actually: i love to use piknic "cross process" effect on most of my pics!
    So you see, i'm not such a good photographer!! thanks so much for your sweet comments!!

  7. "cross process" que es eso? yo uso picnik pero nunca he visto eso... donde donde?

  8. Mayi! te vas a "create", de ahi a "effects" y de ahi bajas, bajas, bajas y encontraras el efecto "cross process" :D
    Mayiiiii estoy contenta por lo de la nominacion!!!