Friday, February 4, 2011

I won!

I can't believe i won an awesome giveaway!!! Gosh i'm starting to believe i'm such a lucky person ;)

Over the week i won a wonderful customized textile card by Cara Carmina and couldn't be more happy. I can't wait to receive it as i'm sure it'll be just amazing as everything Norma, from Cara Carmina creates! To participate we had to tell a bit about our personal love story at her blog and the stories people told were very sweet :)

Norma is a Mexican girl living in Montreal; She is an illustrator and also makes fabric dolls, textile cards and paper collage dolls, among other awesome little things. She has an Etsy shop that is, to put it simply, amazing!

I "meet" her on etsy and i was happy to know we share nationalities, our current city and love for art! We haven't meet -yet- in person but i hope to do so very soon as we already are etsy/friends!

Thanks so much Norma for making this giveaway and make a gorgeous card specially for me!

I love my bike (textile collage card) mine it's going to be something like this in size and style :)

Craving for more? Check out Cara Carmina shop and enjoy!


  1. AY MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!!! que lindo post acerca de mi trabajo... de verdad Iveth muchisimas gracias por escribir algo tan bonito... hoy empiezo tu tarjetita así que ya pronto la tendrás!!!! :) :) :)

    muchos abrazos amarillos para ti!!!!!!

    pd. espero conocerte pronto! :)

  2. Congratulation! And have a great weekend!

  3. Ohmigosh! That Frida and Diego card is so cute. I'll have to check out her art. : )

  4. Norma: thank you!!! your work is wonderful and so lucky to be the winer of your giveaway and to have you here on my blog :D
    Tus munequitos y tarjetas hacen que mi blog se vea bonito!!! :D

  5. Anja and Nathalie: thanks so much for your comments and for checking out Cara Carmina's work!!!

  6. Wow, I love her work, it's amazing! And you are so lucky to have one a piece of it. Fabulous!