Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cupcakes, anyone?

This is what you need to do to make 12 chocolate cupcakes.
Mix and beat this:

Cream cheese peanut butter frosting!!!
You'll need:
Soften cream cheese, add butter and peanut butter, beat. Stif sugar and beat until smooth.
Amelia was the first one to try them and love them.
She was even trying to say "cupcake".
This is one of my favorite cupcake recipes. I'm not a fan of peanut butter, but believe me, this is delicious! enjoy!

Today's playlist

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Lovely, lovely songs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It has been snowing all day...really.

I feel kind of down. Maybe i'm just bored and annoyed by the snow, i don't know.
I usually like it. No wait, i usually love it, but is April, almost May, and yesterday was so sunny and warm and nice!
Where did that came from???!!! All the snow and cold?
I wish i'll be somewhere like this:

Instead, we are here:


Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain Joy

That was the name of this treasury curated by Get Ready Set Go.
The second treasury my Rainy Cloud Brooch was featured on :)
I am so happy because it was a really good first week for my shop. I haven't sell anything yet but people are noticing i'm there, and that's good!
I wish you all a happy week and thank you for making The Angry Weather's first week an awesome one!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Treasury list

For my friends who aren't familiar whit etsy, a treasury list is a collection of items gathered by any person with an etsy account. The number of list are limited so there's always competition to get one :)
In the treasury list you can put up to 16 listings although only 12 will be visible to the public. You can choose any item you want from any seller on etsy, and it's so much fun because you can pick a theme or colour or a feeling or a special occasion as inspiration for the objects you'll put on your list.
Yesterday i was really lucky to get one. My first treasury list as a curator!

I decided to name my list By the Shore, inspired by our daily walks by the river and the sea glass and sea pottery i've found there.
As i once told you here, i love to collect rocks, and while looking for them by the Saint-Lawrence river i have found some beautiful sea pottery and glass, and i got hooked on them too. So that was the inspiration behind this list, and i really like the colours and objects i found for my treasury :) i would love to buy every one of those beautiful handmade items! And what a great gift most of them make for mother's day!
I hope you like it and if you do, leave a comment here!

Some of the pieces i have found by the river.

Aren't they cool?
My mind wanders every time i come across this little objects, imagine: how old are they? who was their owner? where were they made? so intriguing .

Today i love

This from Line+Liv:

Best outfit ever! I would even wear it myself.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today i love

Paintings of bookshelves:

Made by Jane Mount. Images via Indie fixx.

This is so cool. You know what would be fun? to paint Amelia's bookshelves!
All her beautiful and colourful books.
What do you have on your bookshelves? My library resembles to that of a teenage girl mixed with cooking mamma, mixed with geeky guy mixed with an art lover person, super weird.

Lisa Jones prints:

Two up, two down print.

Town print.

I love her prints of houses and towns. They're cute, fun and pretty.
I once draw a town similar to the one in the yellow print, i loved it, i still do, but when i see her work is like, i better employ my time doing other things and left cute little towns' illustrations to the professionals.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Big announcement! ¡Anuncio importante!

Image by Violetta Farias. Design by me.

Hello everybody!

I'm so happy to announce the opening of my Etsy shop, where you can now find my jewellery line!
After many months of doubts and planning, I decided that this is the best time of my life to offer my designs and creations to the world! I can't be happier with this new project I'm embarking on.
I'm so proud of the pieces I'm making and I'm sure that they will be favorite among the collection of the person who buys them! Some of them are cute, others more elegant, but all very cool and beautiful.
Everything you see in my shop is designed and handmade by me with lots of love!
The name of the shop is The Angry Weather and was inspired mostly by my Rainy cloud brooch that I love so much. I feel mystified and awed by the natural phenomenons of our world, which can be scary sometimes, but mostly they are so beautiful and my creative self found plenty of material for inspiration on them.
I also find endless inspiration in my beautiful daughter and wonderful husband, without their love and support, this reality would be still a dream.

I'm opening for business with three wonderful things for sale and hope to list more pieces by the end of this week. Check often because I'm planning to have new pieces every week or so.
So please visit my shop, I hope you like what you see!

Iveth :)

Imagen por Violetta Farías. Diseñado por mi.

¡Hola a todos!

Me alegra informarles de la apertura de mi tienda Etsy, en donde podrán encontrar mi linea de joyería. ¡Yeii!
Después de muchas dudas y meses de planeación, me dí cuenta de que este es el mejor momento para ofrecer todos mis diseños y creaciones y ¡no podría estar más feliz con este nuevo proyecto en el que me embarco!
Me siento muy orgullosa y contenta con los resultados de mi tabajo como joyera, y estoy segura de que cada pieza de mi colección será altamente valorada por la persona que la adquiera. Algunos de estos diseños son elegantes, otros mas locochones, pero todos tienen como característica en común el ser muy chidos y bonitos.
Cada cosa que veas en mi tienda es diseñada y hecha a mano por mi, ¡con mucho cariño!
El nombre de mi tienda es The Angry Weather, que en español quiere decir "El Clima Furioso" y fué inspirado por mi broche de la nube lluviosa que tanto me gusta. Los fenómenos meteorológicos me intrigan y maravillan a la vez, algunos de ellos son aterradores, pero la gran mayoria son demasiado chidos y bonitos, y mi lado creativo encontró en ellos mucho material de inspiración.
Tambien encuentro inspiración sin fin en mi hermosa bebé y mi maravilloso esposo, sin su amor y su apoyo, esta realidad seria todavia un sueño.

Empiezo este negocio con tres cosas super chidas a la venta y espero subir más cosas al final de esta semana. Visita seguido mi tienda por que planeo estar poniendo algo nuevo más o menos cada semana.
Solo me queda decir que eres super bienvenido a visitar mi tienda, espero te guste lo que ves!

Con cariño

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mother's day gift ideas!

From now until mother's day, i'll be sharing with you some cool things i found here and there, Hopefully to inspire you get your mommy something cool and different for this special day :)
Who am i kidding? this is just what i would like to have! ha!

blouses and tunics from Spool No. 72.

Cupcakes and macaroons.

Able and Game cards.
I'm a fan of this guys. Their cards are the best. visit their shop to see what i'm talking about.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Arghh... quiero uno!
Image by Carmen Troesser.

I just found this picture and i need to post it and tell you a little about it!
This is one of the most delicious mexican snacks you can eat.
Its name is Esquite and is made with corn grains previously boilded or grilled, chilli powder, cheese, mayo, cream, lime and salt. One of my favorite foods ever! Try it if you have the chance, i totally recommend it. I can give you guys the recipe if you want to.
Want one, need one. Now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I would love to have a major surgery, please!

I was reading my news feed page on facebook just a minute ago, you know, just to see what's up with people and that. Then i read the status of an ex-coworker and what people had commented on it and i immediately felt outraged.
I don't tend to judge people minds or decisions, i actually consider myself pretty tolerant and respectful, but there's a situation happening right now in Mexico that just pisses me off. So this is not about individuals but a growing culture of stupidity and ignorance in my country.
My contact on facebook, which is a girl, listed a couple of private hospitals in Monterrey, Mexico, asking her friends which one they recommended for the delivery of her baby. There were a lot of comments, all made by women telling her their experiences and opinions. What really bugged me (and believe me, i knew what was coming because this situation has been going on for a little while now) was the fact that besides rating the doctors, nurses, rooms, service and neonatal care, almost every comment rated the operating room of every hospital. Does this already sound weird to you?
If not, maybe is because you're from Mexico as well and see this as normal as i used to see it (before i was "forced" by the canadian health system to have my baby the "natural way").
Right now, Mexico occupies one of the top spots of c-section rates in the world with 38% of the births. Monterrey, Mexico, the city where i went to college, was called on this page, the c-section capital of the W-O-R-L-D, with 50% of the births being by c-sction. And in the private hospitals of the city, an astonishing 73% of the births are performed by this method.
No, women are not suffering from preeclampsia , or gestational diabetes, they are just choosing to have it that way.
I believe every woman who carries a baby on her womb for all those months, taking care of herself and her unborn child is a great mom, no matter the way she decided to bring that child into this world. And thank god we have the right to choose!
But when you make this decision because of lack of information, or because your shaddy doctor make you believe your baby was in danger and he "needed" to get you to the operating room immediately, or you were just too afraid (As i sure was too, terrified!), or nobody explained you what was exactly all this childbirth thing about (Oh believe me that case sure does happen in Mexico) or the private hospital just sold you the idea, or just because the doctor doesn't want to receive unexpected calls in the middle of the night and also wants to make more money out of it, hmm there's when i get a bit frustrated and just can't help myself but have an opinion out of it! .
I wish i could tell all the pregos in Mexico that they should take the time and interest to make their reseach and be informed before making this decision.
It is also sad and frustrating the way many, many women see childbirth. Like, in Mexico you have to have this baby at the most expensive hospital you can afford so people will see how prosperous you are. And if all you're friends are having the baby in X hospital because is the trend right now, how come you're not having baby there too? I called it the need to show and it's not cool. And unfortunately it's a freaking disease rooted deeply on the latinamerican mind.
Listen to me pregos! a baby is a precious thing, much more important than all that bullshit! It does not matter where you have him as long as the people helping you are well prepared, you and your partner are prepared and informed and ready to love this new human being unconditionally.
Your bodies are meant for this, you can do it. And be informed of what is going on inside you during the pregnancy, read a lot! take prenatal classes, check your options, and stand up for the right every woman has of being able to decide how does she wants to have her child, don't let that shaddy doctor put a date on you because he wants more money out of you and his perfect schedule to remain intact.
And please, please don't get me wrong here, it's awesome that c-section exist, how many lives have been saved thanks to this procedure? how many happy babies and moms are in this world that would have been lost or severely traumatized if not for a c-section? I see the importance of it and it's unquestionable. "But saying that, isn't it a shame that so many women are choosing not to experience the incredible process of giving birth the old fashioned way? Aside from the bond that is established between mother and child during this laborious process, there must be physiological, hormonal, and--excuse my metaphysics, but--energetic benefits to the entire process. To just bypass this most natural act, this integral part of our evolution, seems a bit detached to me." Quote from here.
Just saying...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today i love:

This picture.
I had to post it because i like it so much. It's like it could have been a commercial or something but not, just a random family in Paris, crossing the street. How stylish... Freaking parisians.

The girl looks oh, so cute, i want one of those big flowers for Amelia's hair.
You should check the Jak and Jill blog if you are into fashion. This girl (or is it a guy? hmm) takes pictures of people on the streets of the fashion capitals, mostly during fashion week, and is just a feast for the eyes. You'll love it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today i love:

I want to share with you some images i found today and really liked them:
Calm and serene and beautiful.
This shot by Cassia Beck makes my mind wander.

By Cassia Beck.

A bouquet of wild flowers.
Don't know the name of this kind of flower but my mom has it planted on her little garden and this picture makes me think of her :)

And then this pic that scares me a bit.
Reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter and the half blood prince (Oh yeah, i'm a big Harry Potter fan) when Harry and Dumbledore went to the cave looking for the horcrux.

Not much else to say today. My little one is a bit sick. Her tummy is not happy, she's sleeping right now. And husband is in Toronto. I miss him :(
But we're ok :)
I just cleaned the whole apartment, and it feels so good, everything looks pretty :)

Spring Banner

This season banner.

Do you like it??
It was my plan since the very beginning of this blog to have four different banners, one for each season. Spring arrived like, 23 days ago and i was so busy i just didn't have time to work on this season banner, but yesterday i finished it at least and here it is!
Mademoiselle looks older (If i had keep trying to make her look younger this banner wouldn't have been ready yet) and snow changed into rain. You can also see some flower buds on the tree!
And i loved adding the umbrella!
Well, i would like to know what you think, but most importantly, i want to thank you for keeping up with my journey through life, love and creativity :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today i love:

Wooden display cases.
I'll make one for Amelia when she's a bit older. I love that you can put in them small objects and toys and you can even use it as a doll house. Cool.

JoJo's room via Kenziepoo.

And also this:
Image by Line+Liv.

The girl's outfit is super sweet and cool. The wings, the head band with the big pink flower, Lovely, lovely.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My head is at its limits...i think.

There's a crowd by Sam from Dwell Deep.

My head is full of things right now. Many plans, many projects, many things to do. Which is very good, you know? It's been i while since i had had a project that is so tangible and real, and i feel happy, but with a lot of pressure and afraid that time is never enough. The reality is that most of the time i don't know how to deal with pressure and stress. I don't even know how to deal with to much to do. I got stressed out immediately. Bad thing to do. I should work on my emotions and how i channel them.
I want to talk to you about my plans but i prefer it to be a surprise for when i have all set up!! I'm soooo exited and can't wait for you to know, Stay tuned!

I decided to post some illustrations by artist Sam Wedelich because i just feel connected with all her work, sometimes her illustrations are like i can see myself reflected on them. I just like them so much. Like the illustration above is me right now. and sometimes i feel like little Magdalena on the illustration bellow:

Walls by Sam from Dwell Deep.
Sam says about her drawing:
"Magdalena was a fragile sort of girl, who was tossed about by the various and never-ending storms of life. (Hurricanes seemed to be the most treacherous). As a last resort, she’d begun to build up a wall around herself, which besides being quite sturdy and safe, had the unexpected consequence of trapping her in the middle.
Currently, she is drawing up plans for a door and a drawbridge.
(And if the budget allows, perhaps a dragon or moat.)"

Well, for me is not that bad. Maybe i'm just too whiny.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friendship is a weird thing

I love my friends and i think a have a handful of them that i really can count on.
Yesterday was an odd day regarding friendship. First, I made contact with a couple of friends that used to be very close to me in my teenage years.
Then i started a project with my best friend who has been that since i was 19 years old. I'm really happy because distance has taken its toll and this is an opportunity to make things together and keep up with each other more often.
And then things got nasty with another friend. Isn't weird? all that in one day...
Years have passed and nothing had drastically changed on my relationships with friends and suddenly the planets were oddly aligned and all that happened on a single day.
I wish i was better on maintaining good relationships with people.
Thank god that does not apply to me and husband. He's the only person in this planet with whom i just can be and he always loves me the way i am. Thanks dear :) I love you and your words always make me feel better :)
Well i guess it was about time for things to move a little, so i guess all is good at the end.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miniature furniture!

Oooh i just saw this at Decor8 and wish i was 7 years old again! Good thing i have Amelia and i'll have the chance of playing with dolls and mini furniture all over again! Though I'll have to wait a couple more years for Amelia to play with the kind of accessories displayed on the pictures bellow. At this age, she would just eat them.

Image via Decor8.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

La jugada 2, the playlist.

Music from our last jugada :) you should listen to it, it's good.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Outremont considered downtown?

Metro, metro, YAY!

Big move.

This picture is because there's a big Jewish community in Outremont, plus i find those outfits pretty awesome!
Image by Violetta Farias.

Ever since we signed the lease for our new apartment i've been telling everybody that at last we are moving to downtown.
Suddenly, a doubt crossed my mind: Is Outremont even considered downtown?
I find it very funny how my friends from the plateau or mile-end always seem to consider places just a couple of kilometers away from where they live "the middle of nowhere". For me, even if the nearest metro station is 40 minutes away from home by bus, Lachine is still very much the city. I think they have always been laughing silently at my concept of city-ness, afraid that it would hurt my feelings. But i'm aware. I'm aware of what you're thinking.
For me, every place with a metro station close by, is definitely very much close to the heart of the town. I guess that is what someone ends up thinking after living far from downtown her entire life :S
And now, my new place is just 2 blocks away from a metro station. Wow. I still can't believe that Alex agreed to move to the middle of town. I guess my being all day trapped at home was worst than I thought.
I'm going to miss Lachine. Mostly i'll miss the beautiful Saint-Laurent river just across the street and the sunsets at the park, sitting on a big rock to contemplate the calm water or the angry current -depending on the weather, of course. We have had some amazing years here, the best years of my life.
But,hey, we're moving downtown now! hooray! No time for feeling nostalgic ;)

Note: Thanks Marie for help me editing this post :) Love ya!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Looove this kitchen!

Image from here via Ohdeedoh.

My dream kitchen, that is.
It's so clean, neat, bright, cool and fun! i love it completely.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What inspires me today.

From here.

I was so tired yesterday. Little one was unimaginable cranky. I spent the whole day just thinking of my bed and a long nap.
But today i feel my energy levels back to normal! and Amelia looks happy again. Sun is out, day is all warmed up and i can't wait to take advantage of the outdoors :)