Friday, April 23, 2010

Treasury list

For my friends who aren't familiar whit etsy, a treasury list is a collection of items gathered by any person with an etsy account. The number of list are limited so there's always competition to get one :)
In the treasury list you can put up to 16 listings although only 12 will be visible to the public. You can choose any item you want from any seller on etsy, and it's so much fun because you can pick a theme or colour or a feeling or a special occasion as inspiration for the objects you'll put on your list.
Yesterday i was really lucky to get one. My first treasury list as a curator!

I decided to name my list By the Shore, inspired by our daily walks by the river and the sea glass and sea pottery i've found there.
As i once told you here, i love to collect rocks, and while looking for them by the Saint-Lawrence river i have found some beautiful sea pottery and glass, and i got hooked on them too. So that was the inspiration behind this list, and i really like the colours and objects i found for my treasury :) i would love to buy every one of those beautiful handmade items! And what a great gift most of them make for mother's day!
I hope you like it and if you do, leave a comment here!

Some of the pieces i have found by the river.

Aren't they cool?
My mind wanders every time i come across this little objects, imagine: how old are they? who was their owner? where were they made? so intriguing .


  1. AMO el azul :)
    Es el mejor color del mundo! No sabía que en el St-Lawrence river habían cosas así.. qué padre! Muchísimo material para un DIY project, no? :D
    Un abrazo, I!

  2. Sí Flaii! Te puedes encontrar vidrio muy chido aqui no´mas enfrente ;) Para mi, cada vez que encuentro uno es como un tesoro :) me encantan!

    Y esos son los treasuries de etsy que te conté! te acuerdas?!