Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Outremont considered downtown?

Metro, metro, YAY!

Big move.

This picture is because there's a big Jewish community in Outremont, plus i find those outfits pretty awesome!
Image by Violetta Farias.

Ever since we signed the lease for our new apartment i've been telling everybody that at last we are moving to downtown.
Suddenly, a doubt crossed my mind: Is Outremont even considered downtown?
I find it very funny how my friends from the plateau or mile-end always seem to consider places just a couple of kilometers away from where they live "the middle of nowhere". For me, even if the nearest metro station is 40 minutes away from home by bus, Lachine is still very much the city. I think they have always been laughing silently at my concept of city-ness, afraid that it would hurt my feelings. But i'm aware. I'm aware of what you're thinking.
For me, every place with a metro station close by, is definitely very much close to the heart of the town. I guess that is what someone ends up thinking after living far from downtown her entire life :S
And now, my new place is just 2 blocks away from a metro station. Wow. I still can't believe that Alex agreed to move to the middle of town. I guess my being all day trapped at home was worst than I thought.
I'm going to miss Lachine. Mostly i'll miss the beautiful Saint-Laurent river just across the street and the sunsets at the park, sitting on a big rock to contemplate the calm water or the angry current -depending on the weather, of course. We have had some amazing years here, the best years of my life.
But,hey, we're moving downtown now! hooray! No time for feeling nostalgic ;)

Note: Thanks Marie for help me editing this post :) Love ya!

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