Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today i love

Paintings of bookshelves:

Made by Jane Mount. Images via Indie fixx.

This is so cool. You know what would be fun? to paint Amelia's bookshelves!
All her beautiful and colourful books.
What do you have on your bookshelves? My library resembles to that of a teenage girl mixed with cooking mamma, mixed with geeky guy mixed with an art lover person, super weird.

Lisa Jones prints:

Two up, two down print.

Town print.

I love her prints of houses and towns. They're cute, fun and pretty.
I once draw a town similar to the one in the yellow print, i loved it, i still do, but when i see her work is like, i better employ my time doing other things and left cute little towns' illustrations to the professionals.

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  1. Oh those book prints are gorgeous! Love love the yellow town print too. Thanks for sharing :)