Sunday, April 11, 2010

My head is at its limits...i think.

There's a crowd by Sam from Dwell Deep.

My head is full of things right now. Many plans, many projects, many things to do. Which is very good, you know? It's been i while since i had had a project that is so tangible and real, and i feel happy, but with a lot of pressure and afraid that time is never enough. The reality is that most of the time i don't know how to deal with pressure and stress. I don't even know how to deal with to much to do. I got stressed out immediately. Bad thing to do. I should work on my emotions and how i channel them.
I want to talk to you about my plans but i prefer it to be a surprise for when i have all set up!! I'm soooo exited and can't wait for you to know, Stay tuned!

I decided to post some illustrations by artist Sam Wedelich because i just feel connected with all her work, sometimes her illustrations are like i can see myself reflected on them. I just like them so much. Like the illustration above is me right now. and sometimes i feel like little Magdalena on the illustration bellow:

Walls by Sam from Dwell Deep.
Sam says about her drawing:
"Magdalena was a fragile sort of girl, who was tossed about by the various and never-ending storms of life. (Hurricanes seemed to be the most treacherous). As a last resort, she’d begun to build up a wall around herself, which besides being quite sturdy and safe, had the unexpected consequence of trapping her in the middle.
Currently, she is drawing up plans for a door and a drawbridge.
(And if the budget allows, perhaps a dragon or moat.)"

Well, for me is not that bad. Maybe i'm just too whiny.


  1. No es que yo sepa manejar el estrés, pero me ayuda mucho el Rescue Remedy... por ahí tienes uno.
    Da 2 o 3 disparos en tu boca y deja unos momentos en tu lengua la maravilla que son las flores de Bach... creeme.
    Estaré esperando con ansia la sorpresa...
    Te quiero mucho. Angélica

  2. Gracias Angélica! Sí, las usaré cuando me sienta muy estresada, jeje.
    La quiero, abrazos!