Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friendship is a weird thing

I love my friends and i think a have a handful of them that i really can count on.
Yesterday was an odd day regarding friendship. First, I made contact with a couple of friends that used to be very close to me in my teenage years.
Then i started a project with my best friend who has been that since i was 19 years old. I'm really happy because distance has taken its toll and this is an opportunity to make things together and keep up with each other more often.
And then things got nasty with another friend. Isn't weird? all that in one day...
Years have passed and nothing had drastically changed on my relationships with friends and suddenly the planets were oddly aligned and all that happened on a single day.
I wish i was better on maintaining good relationships with people.
Thank god that does not apply to me and husband. He's the only person in this planet with whom i just can be and he always loves me the way i am. Thanks dear :) I love you and your words always make me feel better :)
Well i guess it was about time for things to move a little, so i guess all is good at the end.


  1. ivetitaaaaa te quiero muchooooooo!!!!!

    no sabes como me gustaria vivir en la misma ciudad que tu (donde quiera que eso sea :) o al menos poder ir a visitarte....
    estaria bien chido que me ensenaras a hacer cosas chidas.. :) y que compartieramos recetas ;) y que yo cuidara a amelia cuando tu y alex se fueran a noviar!!! :)

    te extrano muchooo y te quiero mas!!!
    pd. espero que cualquier cosa que te pusiera medio cranky ya vaya mejor!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha hay mensilla yo tambien te quiero y extra├▒o. Gracias por hacerme reir. Si ya va mejor, ya sabes como soy de entregada, hahaha como dicen tu y la Viole :)
    Pues yo tambien quisiera tenerte mas cerca, te pasas, mejor vente a Canada aqui esta mas chidooouu, claro, despues de tu temporada por Europa!