Thursday, May 27, 2010

First sale!

And second, third and waiting for the fourth any time now :)
I'm very happy because the shop is doing great!
Thanks to my awesome clients :) you're the best! specially Veronique that inaugurated my shop with her purchase ;)
Today is Jewellery Thursday and i have a couple of projects i'm working on: a lapel pin, custom made for a client, an awesome ring, and a pendant so beautiful i'm sure you'll love it :)
Can't wait to have all that finished and show it to you!
Have a nice Jewellery Thursday everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interior design inspiration

Today we are going to start painting our new place! how exiting :D
Yesterday i gathered a collection of pictures for inspiration and now i'll share them with you. As you can see we're going for fun, fresh with some bold accents, and mostly white walls. Hopefully we won't ended up making our new place looking like a big kids room!

Images via Sfgirlbybay and Decor8.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breathing now...

So exited it was hard to catch a breath!
I was featured on the front page of etsy an hour or so ago :) my firs front page, so awesome :D
And i even had a special request, this super nice girl wants my rainy cloud studs made of gold :) so exited to work with a different material!!
Front page rocks!

sudden panic

OH MY GOD, we are moving out in less than two weeks!! i need to

Monday, May 10, 2010

This is how my jewellery will be packaged when deliver to the client. Beautiful, isn't it?
I hand sew the little bags, the buttons are vintage, i then used the rain drop stamp i carved yesterday to put those little rain drops on them. The illustration came out really nice (i'm even thinking to use them for the banner of my shop but i don't know if i want to change it this soon), i totally love it.
Hope you do too :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working on the packaging of my jewellery

This are pictures from my "studio" tonight (i don't even have a desk! this is our coffee table!) where i was working on the packaging of my jewellery, so i'll be prepared to ship right away whenever i made my first sale :)
I design it this weekend and i'm so very happy with the results, it looks beautiful and very professional, i would say! I'll show you how it looks all put together as soon as i take some pictures :)

Another fun thing (fun for me) is that i carved my first stamp today!! it was so much fun, i love it and i'm afraid i'll be hooked on stamp carving for a while now :) I followed an on-line tutorial from an awesome blog and learn so much (i'm preparing a blog post about that and then i'll give you the link so you can check it out). I carved the two sets of rain drops you can see in these pictures, and stamped them on fabric with textile painting.

And look at my flowers! so beautiful. The lady who lives downstairs gave them to us. She cut them from a tree they have downstairs. Gorgeous flowers and they smell really good at night.
I'll go to bed now, good night and thanks for reading!

New listings

Rainy cloud studs

Two rain drops pendant

Moonstone earrings

This are the thing i made las week and that are for sale at my shop. How cool are they? I love how the pendant looks on, so beautiful, delicate and feminine, i'm definitely going to make one for myself.
The studs are just so freaking cute and adorable.
The earrings are specially made for a friend and they look gorgeous, the moonstone is very beautiful.
It feel so great to have new pieces at my shop!
I can't wait for next Thursday to make more beautiful things, I'm thinking about a couple of rings, maybe? we'll see.
Have a nice Sunday everyone and hope to see you around!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today i love

Remembering how much i loved to play with paper dolls as a child.

Delicate and ethereal dandelion seeds.

A freshly made bed.

Being different.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do your part

Image from here.
Sad, sad, sad...
Makes me so sad and frustrated what's happening right now with that massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, 60,000 barrels are spilling daily, can you imagine that? just horrible.
I was born in a small town very close to the gulf of Mexico and then when i was 4 we moved to this city which is also very, very close to the sea, so for me, this means a lot, to imagine that this catastrophe will reach all the places where i grew up, breaks my heart. But even if this was happening somewhere else, the feeling is the same.
We have to do something to help, if not directly, at least being environmentally conscious about our consuming choices.
I though of sharing with you some ideas on how to reduce our oil consumption so we can do what's in our hands to help.
Most are things we already know but it's worth to keep them fresh on our head in case the everyday life and worries put them on the far back of our minds (which happens so often).

Reduce your oil consumption by:

Image from here.
Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

Carpooling to work, school, night out, gym...

Image from here.
Use your bicycle instead of public transit, it's good for the environment and for you :)

Image from here.

If you have to travel long distances, use public transportation.

Image from here.
Buy local or grow your own food! Bringing products from other places of the world to our table involves a lot of transportation and consequently excessive use of hidrocarbones.

Image from here.

Image from here.
Try not to use polyester or nylon clothing or accesories, instead go for natural fabrics like cotton or wool.

Image from here.
Kick off plastic bottles, use a medical grade stainless steel reusable water bottle instead.

If you have more suggestions please share it! We all have to do our part to maintain our beautiful and amazing planet in good health, respect the planet!


Ribbon and bird chandelier DIY

Image via Ohdeedoh.

I found this DIY chandelier on ohdeedoh today and had to share it with you because it looks really pretty and is not that difficult to make. This was made for a nursery, but you can use it pretty much on any room and it'll look niiice. Plus the possibilities of colour combination are endless!
To check out the list of materials and the complete tutorial with tons of pics go to Living with Lindsay blog.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Washi tape :)

Look what i just got in the mail!!

(I got it from pretty tape on etsy)
I can't wait to use it real soon, it's so pretty!