Sunday, May 9, 2010

New listings

Rainy cloud studs

Two rain drops pendant

Moonstone earrings

This are the thing i made las week and that are for sale at my shop. How cool are they? I love how the pendant looks on, so beautiful, delicate and feminine, i'm definitely going to make one for myself.
The studs are just so freaking cute and adorable.
The earrings are specially made for a friend and they look gorgeous, the moonstone is very beautiful.
It feel so great to have new pieces at my shop!
I can't wait for next Thursday to make more beautiful things, I'm thinking about a couple of rings, maybe? we'll see.
Have a nice Sunday everyone and hope to see you around!


  1. Me encanto todo Iveth pero particularmente senti algo especial por esas gotas de agua!!! son verian padre con una cadenita larga y tambien con una corta!! jiji como sea!!!
    estan padrisimas todas las ideas y tus nuevas creaciones!!! keep going!!

  2. Gracias Wera!
    La neta ese dije es de las cosas favoritas que he hecho :) me encanta y tienes toda la razon por que con cadena larga se ven super chidas!!
    Me alegra que sean de tu agrado :D