Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do your part

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Sad, sad, sad...
Makes me so sad and frustrated what's happening right now with that massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, 60,000 barrels are spilling daily, can you imagine that? just horrible.
I was born in a small town very close to the gulf of Mexico and then when i was 4 we moved to this city which is also very, very close to the sea, so for me, this means a lot, to imagine that this catastrophe will reach all the places where i grew up, breaks my heart. But even if this was happening somewhere else, the feeling is the same.
We have to do something to help, if not directly, at least being environmentally conscious about our consuming choices.
I though of sharing with you some ideas on how to reduce our oil consumption so we can do what's in our hands to help.
Most are things we already know but it's worth to keep them fresh on our head in case the everyday life and worries put them on the far back of our minds (which happens so often).

Reduce your oil consumption by:

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Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

Carpooling to work, school, night out, gym...

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Use your bicycle instead of public transit, it's good for the environment and for you :)

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If you have to travel long distances, use public transportation.

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Buy local or grow your own food! Bringing products from other places of the world to our table involves a lot of transportation and consequently excessive use of hidrocarbones.

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Try not to use polyester or nylon clothing or accesories, instead go for natural fabrics like cotton or wool.

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Kick off plastic bottles, use a medical grade stainless steel reusable water bottle instead.

If you have more suggestions please share it! We all have to do our part to maintain our beautiful and amazing planet in good health, respect the planet!


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